Overcoming Fear & Insecurity!

…A Journey into the Unknown!


Fears and Insecurities can affect us in countless areas of our life!
These are human emotions which are unknowingly embedded in our sub-conscious mind and prove to be one of the key factors that limit our innate potential and self-growth!
Childhood experiences and self-damaging core beliefs result in low self-esteem thereby creating emotions of fear and

When we observe, from our 3 Brains, the newest frontal lobe gets energized and activated maximum when we venture into the unknown.
Our intellect is highly sharpened when we explore areas which are not familiar to our brain.
It is only then we break out of our routine patterns and embrace unknown adventures, that our brain gets wired with new synaptic connections and we experience a new inner-growth and self-fulfillment.

One of the prime reasons that Guruji had a sharp intellect was because he was constantly living in the unknown and living His life filled with adventure.
Similarly, only when we rise above our limiting emotions, we open up immense possibilities for our selves!


This is a unique Adventure Camp of Exploration – of Self and of Nature!
This camp will lead us into an experience of Oneness with nature, dissolving all inner Fears and Insecurities paving the way for self-fulfillment in all areas of Health, Wealth and Relationships!

This is a journey into the Unknown. A step outside our comfort zone. A leap into the outdoors.
Sleep under the stars and be cradled in nature. An exciting time of self-discovery to OVERCOME our FEARS and

Most of our blocks in financial growth, relationships and health is because of our deep rooted Fears and Insecurities.

The real change in how we feel emotionally begins by breaking our core irrational beliefs and fears.

This Camp will be the first step towards a huge release of unknowingly created blocks in our mind through our thoughts and beliefs.

The more energy blocks are removed, the more Samruddhi, abundance and wealth flows in!



embrace Abundance in every area of Your Life!

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