An article from the book ‘Are you a SuperLeader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


What is companionship between a couple? What determines their compatibility? It is their level of understanding the other. If a couple spends at least 20 minutes with each other on a daily basis, just to speak about their innermost feelings, their love will grow manifold. If they don’t express and share their thoughts and emotions with each other, it will build irritation, frustration and disturbances. It will only accumulate and may lead to emotional bursts later on. At such times one of the partners needs to be accommodating. One needs to be in the silent zone and absorb all the outbursts. We need to remember the analogy of the rubber band and the wave. And we need to remember that love is just around the corner.


I am blessed to have a deeply happy relationship with my wife Nina. Yes, we have had our own quota of fights, a few of them, very loud ones but they only lasted for a few moments.


One of us would always understand the other and be submissive and apologize immediately within a few minutes.


And, of course, for the apology to be received by the other would sometimes take a day or two. But once we apologize, our love becomes stronger. We are not just in a married relationship but we also enjoy a deep companionship as best friends. We have learnt to see the divinity in each other. We feel we are made for each other and this can be an experience for everyone in the world. Love and anger are two sides of the same coin. Love and anger co-exist. Love grows with fights. Love grows with differences. But eventually disturbances, irritations, complaints dissolve and only love remains.


This rule applies to all relationships be it a father, mother, friend, employee, boss. One can experience calmness in all relationships when one goes through meditation, introspects and analyzes one’s own actions, words, thoughts, feelings and vibrations. Ideally we should spend 20 minutes discussing how our day was. This would enhance the relationship at each step of life. This can be done with all the relationships that you have. We also run many programmes on relationships such as ‘Magic of Marriage’ and ‘Art of Harmonious relationships’.


A Super Leader can see how he/she is complementary and not the opposite of his/her partner. He can change his/her ways to make room for the partner’s nature and experience marital bliss.