A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)


How people’s thoughts effect us….

What they think about us is

More important than

What we think about ourselves


All our actions flow

Just to please everyone

But ourselves

We want to look good

In front of others

We want everyone to

Think good of us

Even at the cost of our own health


We go out for marriages 

We go out for social dinners

We go out for other ‘get togethers’

We go out for birthday parties


Just to please others

Just because it is our bosses’ instructions


Not because we really want to go

Not because we love to go

What follows is only 

Dis  ease

Dis  ease

And restlessness of our minds

A dual personality develops


What to do now?

What’s the answer?

Just go in your inner silence

Just go into yourself

Follow your heart

Follow your soul

And you have reached !!