… Transcend and Go Beyond!!


This camp will equip you with simple tools and techniques to identify, channelize and overcome your Anger and Disturbances so that you experience  fulfillment in all areas of Health, Wealth and Relationships!

In this Camp you will have the tools necessary to successfully manage your emotions and respond to situations constructively.

Apply real-time techniques to be aware of your Disturbances.

Learn simple empowerment tools to overcome your Anger.

It is a 100 % guarantee you will get over your Anger and Disturbances in this Camp! It’s a practical one with results on the first day itself!

So come and discover effective ways to identify and  OVERCOME ANGER and DISTURBANCES … Transcend and Go Beyond !!

“ANGER  is a HABIT , Easy to Overcome !”

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Chirag Shah: 9867373722

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The Scope camp on Anger….. was just what I required. Amazing in every which way. It has brought an awareness that is joining with the other scope camps like a puzzle and piece by piece I am walking towards completing the puzzle called life. While it helps to tackle my anger it also brings to my awareness that when I become angry how foolish I am, how much I lack in gratitude towards those who have done so much for me, how big is my “Ahankara” – ego is. This is my realization and you have equipped me to deal with these. The effect it has had on me…… Dramatic. I am just going through a major crisis where my principals – M/s Arya Communications, Communications, due to politics in the company have decided to dispense with my services. Most of the company managers want my services but 2 people who are the centre of the politics want me out. They have delayed my payments. In normal circumstances I would have been miserable but my sadhana has kept me calm. I couldn’t believe that i could treat this matter in this way. I am in deep gratitude to Guruji, to you for implementing the directions of guruji and to all the participants who have supported me, loved me and cared for me.I thank all those who have helped organise these camps.
Ashutosh Mahadevia
Most important change after the Anger and Mgt camp (thanks to the groundwork of the MBH camp) for me is- I’m able to snap out of anger in a minute and stop complaining/comparing/being unhappy even If i start (i can stop immediately)! Awareness has increased a hundred fold. Really grateful to you and Nina.
Suman Addepalli