Venue: KK , Pune

Date: 19/20/21 JULY Scope Camp- (English)


Before I came to scope camp,  I was feeling very frustrated but after the Scope Camp I felt that I  don’t fear anything and in this world “anything is possible.” We need to believe it!



Before coming for this camp,  I used to fear death and secondly I could not forgive people, but now I am able to forgive anyone as well as the fear of death is no more. 

Aarya Pradip Gawas


Life is beautiful before death and after death!

It’s just pure learning where there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. 

Life is bliss!

So,  say ‘No’ to Guilt, Shame and Worries  and enjoy the Bliss.

Minu Agarwal


Before coming to the camp I already knew the topic so I thought that –

How come there is no death?

I am sure this camp must be fake and Bogus but after the camp..

 I got to know that  it is true and I was extremely free from all the blocks which were in my mind  and I am very happy.

Sakshi Tekawade


The journey was pure, like it enlightened my feeling like fears and vanishing my hatred towards anyone.

This camp helped me to believe and focus.

I realised that Death is not a bad thing.

It was amazing to see the journey of people. 

Death is a beautiful journey from one phase to another. 

Simran Singh


I was feeling too low for a certain reason while coming but after the camp,  I started feeling energetic, lively and enthusiastic. 

Physically I am feeling fit and I am emotionally charged. 

I am in OK state,  feeling happy and joyful. 

Rajjdiep Dhusia


Before coming to this camp I was in OK state.

Now I am in High Energy and feeling much lighter. 

I am feeling childlike. 

I realised that there is life and existence  even after we leave the body. 

I can plan my next birth also. 



Before coming to the camp,  I was not at all open to people but after coming I have realised that I have opened up and got to know that life is an art of dying.

Life is an art of drawing without an eraser. 

Shreya Chandorkar