Condensed From Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar


When you do this silence-sadhana, the possibility for you to grow is infinite. Every time you meditate, you are a better person than before.


What you do in this Sadhana is very easy. Why? Because nothing is there to be done! You have been struggling all your life. We ask you to simply give up this struggle. Just see everything as okay the way it is – it is much, much easier to operate in the world.


This entire Sadhana is simply a wonder. As we go deeper into this Sadhana we will wonder how we ourselves did not arrive at such an obvious thing. We will wonder why it was required to be explicitly pointed out.


Here we do not teach charity or austerity. We do not ask people to cut down on their possessions or their pleasures. By trying to cut down on things, you will only become more and more frustrated.


By doing this sadhana you become so full that many of your destructive habits and pleasures will automatically fall off. Even your mad pursuit of money and power will simply drop off. You can still happily earn money but you will be free of the compulsive need to earn more and more. We call this: ‘Vairagya’ or ‘Natural Detachment’. 


When you live in such detachment, you become even-minded in your consciousness (Stith-pragnya). But if you become such a soul, you will be dissuaded by the rest of the world from proceeding on the path. They might say that it is too early to be involved with God. You should be less detached and focus more on your duties and ambitions. It is like this; that if you read Gita, it is great – but if you follow the teachings of the Gita (or Bible), you will be taken to task. If you become like Jesus, they will throw stones at you. However, they would continue to foolishly worship Jesus. It is a classical case of double standards.


A saint living in such detachment has tremendous power. When a great saint tells us that things will be okay, we trust that they will be okay. The saint becomes the source of our strength.


If ‘YOU’ live in ‘Everything is OK’, you too will become such a source of strength. The greatest manager in the world is someone who knows: “Everything is OK”. Such a manager is a true source of strength.

When you do this Sadhana, you will become a person who is much easier to get along with. When a person lives in ‘Everything is OK’, he makes no demands whatsoever. Isn’t it fantastic to live with such a person?


Only in relationships without demand, without expectations, can true love flourish in all its glory. ~