A Journey into the Unknown!

(This time – it was from Daman to Dharampur( about 80kms through 22+ villages)

I’m sharing the EXPERIENCE  in a way of a thank you note!

Thank you Padyatra!

You taught me soo much!

You gave me soo much!

You have always been the best days of my  life!

Thank you , Thank you ,Thank you 

to the blue robins I saw, 

to the dragon flies, 

to the sound of peacocks, 

to the melodious whistling of the birds, 

the croaking’s of the frogs!

Thank you, Thank you Thank you 

to the small puppies on the way, 

the chicks, the chickens, the buffaloes, the cows, the butterflies.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 

to the exotic sunrise, the beautiful sunset, 

the streams, the crops, the colour of the vegetables, 

the smell of the flowers, the rice fields, the sugarcane fields, 

the chicken farms. 

Thank you to the waterfalls,

to the huge trees, to the roads, to the small lanes, 

to the by lanes, to the hills, to the mountains, 

to the sky, to the hot sunny weather, to the humidity, to the sweat which I went through!

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you 

to all the heat and 

Then the cool breeze under the tree

Then the lovely stream water bath

Then the waterfall  massage.

Thank you to all those who gave me small small rides to cool me off and to give my legs a break from walking.

Thank you to you my meditations, Yog asanas and Pranayam after walking.

Thank you to you my feet to be able to walk so much.

Thank you to you my napkin on my head,  the 2 handkerchiefs which continuously soaked all my sweat.

Thank you to all you people who offered me food on your own whether it is daal-rice, roti-sabji or ice-cream, apple, biscuits, milk and what not.

Thank you to all of you who cutely refused to give me what I asked for and showed  me my somebodyness

Thank you to the dhaba where I slept, thank you to the Iskon Temple where I slept, thank you to the Adivasis house where I slept.

Thank you to the policeman who showed me the way to a place where I could rest.

All these were offered! 

I never asked anything, it was just a tremendous flow of energy. 

I let myself loose open and flowing and of course thank you for SEGMENT INTENDING , everything I asked for turned out like that –  rule can be applied. 80% of what I intended came exactly as I wanted.

I wanted a place where I could rest it happened ,

I wanted the clouds to cover the sun- it happened, 

whether I wanted the rain- it happened, 

small things I wanted- it happened. 

I wanted the rains to stop so that I can walk- it stopped.

I wanted a room full of  light- and I got it in Iskon Temple !

Sometimes  I wanted something and someone came and asked me. Name it and it happened. 

Segment Intending is the best thing which happened with me. People cooked meals for me like a God wherever I went.

Food and shelter was never a problem. 

It was either offered or I asked and always given. 

Of Course 20% of the time things did not go as per what I intended. Then it was not to be so. 

His plan was bigger than mine.

I needed to experience certain things , keeping in alignment with my long term visions- example sleeping in the Adivasi s home !

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, 

the journey from Chandvegan to Dhamani , a distance of 25 kilometers was the exotic one. 

One should travel just like that only in this area and experience the wholeness, walking alone alone and alone…

I must have walked around 80 kms .

It was one of the most beautiful times!

Thank you to the music, 

thank you to you my sir Shri Ravi Jule ji   for giving  me the gift of music, 

Thank you I could sing along loudly to myself. 

Thank you I always sing  1 song in each Padyatra ( which touches me at that time) which reminds me of the whole yatra. 

I will share the song with you very soon.

Thank you Padyatra!

You taught me soo much!

You gave me soo much!

You have always been the best days of my  life!