NAME: Sonal Prashant Gukare



COMPANY NAME: Rishi Gurukulam

DESIGNATION: Katherkhadak, Pune

PLACE: Katherkhadak, Pune


I am in gratitude to you Manojji for giving a beautiful experience of learning and knowing my self through one of the breakthrough.. The Liya one hour.


There have been many changes deep deep down in.. My thoughts.. Actions.. My habits.. My being.. A few days earlier me and Prashant were talking about being in bliss… For me one of most awaiting and blissful moments of the day is to go through the loving and the wow moments of the day. And there are so many wow moments.. Just can’t stop expressing. Actually the beauty is.. life is so beautiful that there is no wait for big occasions for feeling the joy and happiness.


Being in Gratitude gives immense sense of already living in whatever I feel like having, being, creating. I am living in Gratitude and it is actually so automatic towards myself, body, everybody around, relationships, people, things, nature, many more more.


Have discovered different ways of doing the vision.. Recorded my vision with my voice and favourite music on the background, the vision book with loads of pictures, my vision collection on my tab with lovely pictures, my vision picture board. Wow!


In the beginning when I started liya one hour.. I would do it in breaks throughout the day.. Would listen to inspirational talks while I would go for Morning walk. Exercise in the morning.. Gratitude throughout the day.. Planning before breakfast.. Etc… Somehow realised of doing all these in the golden period. And that was the beginning of me.. Which I can’t believe that I would wake up by 5am. Slowly I realise I need more time to complete my yoga/walk/exercises. So ultimately now I wake up at 4:30am effortlessly that is only because I want to do it willingly. I am glad a thankful to myself to gradually learn about myself and come to this state. Many a time Liya goes on for a few hours. Since I wake up early there automatic alarms and calling for meditation. Most of the time end up meditating 5 times. Segment Intending has helped me immensely to review my thoughts and realise.. Understand the level and correct, dwell on my consciousness. Just so beautiful. Has inculcated a habit in me to see my next segment even before it actually has happen. A beautiful opportunity to create what I want. The prayers of my life. My awareness about everything.. Anger, irritations, fears has grown so much that I easily catch the feeling and quickly change it effortlessly. Just one deep breath and its gone. Also about making new habits of my being and new learnings.. New ideas have grown ta greater extent. Catching my patterns has help me to beautify my relationships especially with our daughter Saee and other children. Thank you for helping me from preventing mental blocks in me and creating blocks in her. Filling the bucket just brings so much joy and love for oneself. That the person starts loving himself more. RYFM and PRS- am able to create and have happy faces, happy situations, and happy relationships with more enthusiasm in me and around me. Overall the feeling of love all around is beautiful. My major part of anger/Irritation with Saee is changed to Persistent reminders with love and care. More and more and more talking, sharing, possibilities, understanding, hugs and being with each other. Love you Manojji for allowing me to understand myself so much. Tears of happiness are rolling. So much to be thankful.