by Manoj J Lekhi.


Have  you ever  looked at your  body ?

Have  you ever  seen you naked  body ?

Have  you ever  observed your  body minutely?


It nothing but mind boggling?

It’s nothing but ecstatic

It’s out of the world


So many functions at one time…

It’s breathing automatically

Are you doing it?

It’s growing automatically

Are you doing anything?

It’s taking care of itself automatically

Are you doing it?

Yes with all   the lovely marks.

Which has given it uniqueness?

With all the beautiful curves

Which gives it a shape?


I accept this god gifted body

Just the way it is

With all its ways

With all its intelligence

I trust this body totally

To serve me

To look after me

To cuddle me

To love me

I love my body

More than anything on this earth

My body is my temple.