Moving up the Vibrational Spectrum

Excerpts from the book ‘Are you a Super Leader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


In my recent trip to Cambodia, with our SSY meditation practitioners for ‘Vishwa Hriday Sammelan 2015’, we visited the Angkor Wat temple. The guide explained the history of this temple. Previously it was a Hindu temple and subsequently was invaded by various rulers. Cambodia was ruled for hundreds of years by the French who rediscovered the Angkor Wat. All the walls are encrypted with the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Various incidents from these two mythological epics are sculpted on the walls. It took them 30 years to build that architecture. He further explained one of the wall depictions. It was divided into

three parts. Heaven which is up, hell which is down and in the middle stands the earth. This was sculptured in 3 layers on the temple walls.


We have heard it from our parents and they have heard it from their parents. Somehow we simply know that heaven is up, hell is deep down and we are on the earth. Once we die and leave the body, the God of death: Yama decides where to put us, in heaven or hell depending on the deeds done by us during the past life. Somehow this is a fantastic way to induce fear in all of us. It makes us do things in the name of fear or creates guilt in all of us.


The temple walls depict scenes and pictures of people being tortured in hell in various ways when they do something immoral. We asked the guide to inform us more about heaven.


He said that in heaven people are happy and content. They get what they wish for and are rewarded, since they have performed good deeds. Hell is the place for people who have done wrong things. They go to hell and they get punished there. It was then that I connected this to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma, as I understand it.


Let me illustrate the same by explaining the Vibrational Spectrum Chart created by us (inspired by Esther Hicks) and illustrated here. If, for instance, there is a scale of 0-100 depicting behaviour and emotions and state of mind of people, then these are the slots that these emotions occupy:

0 – Suicide

10 – Revenge

20 – Anger

30 – Frustration

40 – Disturbance

50 – Irritation

60 – Hopefulness

70 – Peacefulness

80 – Joyfulness

90 – Blissfulness

100 – Total Oneness with the Universe/Seeing Godliness in Everyone


0 is the lowest vibration and 100 is the highest vibration. So I thought to myself, what people meant when they were talking about heaven and hell. Whenever this took place thousands of years ago, they were talking about the state of life, their life and experience that was like heaven or hell. I believe that there is nothing like the God of death deciding whether you belong to heaven or hell. Heaven or hell is in fact experienced by us in each moment.


To put it in context, to me 0 – 40 is low vibration, 41-59 is neutral and 60-100 is high. Also one can say that in the first fifty counts, we move upstream against the flow of life and in the next fifty counts we move with the flow of life. (The arrow in the chart represents the flow of river or the flow of life. See next page.)


In the first 40, we experience different levels of hell. A robber who experiences feelings of fear and insecurity while robbing is already experiencing hell. A marriage that is on the rocks where the partners are resentful is another example. A business in doldrums where everybody is frustrated is one more.


In the 60-100 we experience different levels of heaven. A Super Leader who is all the time in gratitude experiences feelings of love, compassion and empathy and is already in heaven. A Super Leader’s awareness is very high and he lives

in the higher spectrum, vibrating mostly between 80-100. This is the reason he is able to absorb all sorts of so called shocks, calamities, disturbances of the outside world like change in policies of the government etc. This resilience makes him very affl uent too if he is an entrepreneur.


Depending on our thoughts, we experience similar type of emotions and we emit those feelings. Conversely, the quality of our being decides certain types of feelings and thereby the same type of thoughts are created and same type of words are

expressed. It’s a loop. Either ways, our actions and behavior are the result of our words, our thoughts, belief systems and invariably a result of the intention or the consciousness that we live in.


If we want to live and experience heaven as a 24-hour phenomenon, our consciousness, our being, our intentions need to vibrate at the highest level. Accordingly, our thoughts will be created and our actions will fl ow. Our speech and our behaviour will be in sync with our consciousness. So every moment we can be either in heaven or hell. It is up to us what we want to do and want to be.


Heaven and hell is, right now. At this very moment. A Super Leader knows this truth very well. He/She takes responsibility to create heaven wherever he/she is – not in some imaginary after-world – but with thoughts, feelings and intentions that are high in vibration.