Money Is Your Friend – Enjoy Making It!

Excerpts from the book ‘Money Wealth Abundance’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


I have seen people acting crazy when it comes to money. For most people in this world, life revolves around money. At the same time, there is also a section of people who are against money.


In India, we have these misconceptions that:


  • Money is evil,


  • Money is dangerous,


  • Money spoils people and


  • Money is not good to possess.


Money and spirituality do not go hand in hand. This is especially true of spiritually inclined people. Now, we need to put money in the right perspective.

Now, in order to understand money, one should understand the types of ENERGY.


There are three forces that exist in this world, namely, Creation, Maintenance and Destruction or Re-creation. These three forces have been addressed in Indian mythology by the names Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh or Shiva.


Associated with them are the three main energies:


Brahma stands for Creation and for creation, we need knowledge. So, associated with Brahma is Saraswati (Energy of Knowledge).


Vishnu stands for Maintenance and for maintenance we need wealth and money. So associated with Vishnu is Laxmi (Energy of Wealth).


For Destruction or Re-creation, we need Power. So, associated with Shiva is Shakti (Energy of Power).


Therefore, money is nothing but the energy of maintenance. No doubt, creation and recreation require money, too, but the energy, primarily, is the Energy of Maintenance. That is why money is welcome. Money moves from others to us in accordance with what we want. Money moves from us to others in accordance with what they want. Thus, it basically creates movement. Only energy can create movement. That’s why technically, too, money is ENERGY – neutral energy.




Let us look at this from a new, different angle. My master, Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, explains that, first and foremost, we, human beings, need to learn the five fundamentals of education:


  • The first, basic education is Silence,


  • The second is Love,


  • The third is Entrepreneurship,


  • The fourth is Creating Beauty Everywhere, and


  • The fifth is Attitude of seva (service) to the Whole World.


Thus, in order to create beauty in the world, money is required. So, let’s not be against money.


  • Why have we come to this world?


  • Why are we born?


  • Why do we die?


  • Who are we?


These are the important questions one should ask oneself! Actually, this world is a playhouse where we have come to play, create things, explore, make the world more beautiful and, then, leave this body – leaving the world a more beautiful place than it was at the time we entered it.


The only problem is that we get identified with the roles we play, and that’s what causes our disturbances. If we remember and if we are aware that this is a play house, leela, as Lord

Krishna calls it, we can really enjoy every moment, creating, maintaining and re-creating.


In this leela, money is just a form of energy which is exchanged through people. The faster it is exchanged, the more we can create. The faster you give away, the more you will have. The faster the energy is exchanged, the more the energy is created.


Creating beautiful facilities, like gardens, roads, monuments, temples, churches, other infrastructure etc., is part and parcel of human growth. Creating beautiful goods and services is also part and parcel of human growth.


Ever since man came into being, he has been producing and giving more and more services, and making life more and more comfortable. This process was started well before civilisation, and it will go on and on, too.


Money is just one form of energy which flows from one hand to the other. The realisation that money is a form of energy and that this world is a play house is very important.


We must all do the sadhana of silence, so we develop vairagya (detachment) and then create beautiful things, services, for everyone around.


When we are detached, we can enjoy the energy called money. When we are detached, we will automatically share the wealth with everyone. Having money and being attached to it is the cause of misery.


Enjoy creating money. Money is wonderful. Make it your friend.


Do not be against money. The only thing to keep in mind is that we should make money, lots and lots of it, but share it with everyone, make it available for everyone; we will also have a part of it for ourselves. Make everyone wealthy and you will also become very wealthy.


Just enjoy the process of creation. Maintaining and recreating wonderful things for everyone around you – that is spirituality. That is the true spirit we are born with. We are born to make life easier and more comfortable for everyone around, which includes, even, ourselves.