Come as a “COUPLE”, Go back as “ONE” !

What is the Workshop about ?
This programme is an ever-deepening journey in intimacy which begins
with the partners Re-Discovering Each Other leading to Freely Expressing
to Each Other to Intensely Loving Each Other and finally Fully Being With
Each Other.

What is covered in this Workshop ?
You take your marriage to the next level by learning about :
The ways of Men and the ways of Women.
 The difference between How Men and Women think.
 The Limiting Beliefs we carry about Marriage/Man/Woman etc.
 Compassionate communication between you and your spouse.
 The harmony of Marriage and relating to your partner with consciousness.
 Understanding all this automatically leads to a deep connection between you and your spouse.

What are the other outcomes of the Workshop besides a Happy Marriage?
 A Loving marriage leads to very Happy Children.
 A Loving Relationship between a couple has a Positive effect in all areas of life…

Finance, Creativity, Health and Mind…
 There is no end to the freedom one can experience.
The relationship between the daughter of the house and the IN LAWS goes through a great
So, wherever your marriage stands today, this workshop will enhance your marriage from one level to
another to higher and higher states of Happiness. Actually Marriage is a wonderful journey between a man
and woman. It can go either ways though, it can be Fantastic or Hell. It is all about whether the understanding
of the dynamics of a man and woman is clear to the couple or not.

Come as a “COUPLE”, Stay as “ONE” !
“Creating Joyful Families !”

What happens in this program?

It starts  with Re-Discovering Each Other  and then goes on to

Expressing to Each Other and then progresses to

Loving Each Other and finally

Being With Each Other.


It’s a 4 day RESIDENTIAL Workshop

Celebrating Love!

Experiencing Togetherness!

Re-Kindling the spark of your Honeymoon!

Rejuvenating your joint energies!


Actually Marriage is a wonderful  journey between man and woman.

It can be FANTASTIC or HELL . . It is all about whether the understanding of the dynamics of a man and woman is clear or not to the couple.

This is very nicely brought about in this workshop and so a transformation automatically happens and one experiences The Magic of Marriage !

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Bijal Kotak : 9820317484