What it reminds is our beloved Mother..🤱🤰👩‍👧‍👦
As we grow up , the paradigm shifts..

We grow , become Professionals..
Then we know MOM as Minutes of Meetings..🗣
We are aware of importance of Agenda of current meeting and MOM of previous meeting…🕙

Then again
there is a paradigm shift
after the Marriage..
There is a new entrant🤪 MOM ..
( Mother in Law ).. whether you like it or not , you will have to bear it..

Now the question is
in this RSVK world ,
what is MOM…

Here MOM is MAGIC…🌈…
Yes The Magic..
Magic of Marriage..

Myself Ajit and My wife Bhakti
are happily married with lovely , smart and intelligent children Amruta and Aumkar..

After 14 Years of Marriage if some one referred Magic and that too in Married Life ..
We went like this …
Are you kidding 🤪🤫
Are you out of your mind🤔..

This is because the Routine Married Life has to be accepted
As Is without complaining
to be continued
either by liking
or by force..
This is how our parents , our relatives and our friends has conditioned us..
Our Society also supports this method and way of living life
and encourage Compromises😔..

We may be walking the journey together with our Spouse..

May be ,
life is smooth
or may be hard ;
in our married relationship,
we may feel something has changed ,
life is now drastically different..

Now here comes MOM for our help..
like our beloved mother..

Husbands may have forgotten like me ,
that they might have started their Married journey as नवरा
( This is Marathi word for Groom )
and may be , unknowingly have got converted into रावन
( Read नवरा from leftside रावन )..

Similarly as a Bride , one may have started married journey
but then may be ; made our life and our husband’s life UltaPulta..

See for a male child , since birth M for Mother is everything..

After Marriage
W for Wife enters and life changes.. ( M to W )🤪 Upside Down.

Now this MOM of RSVK makes us
a good नवरा ( good husband )👂🥰😍
from रावन
a wow Wife💃 ..

In this residential program MOM , both of us got completely transformed ..

You are now differently Good😇 is the comment from our children..

We both learnt and understood with practical sessions
1 ) How to be with each other..
2 ) How to understand and feel each other..
3 ) How to express our caring , our appreciations and our love to our loved ones..
4 ) How to understand the caring 💝and Love 💞 expressed by our loved ones , especially beloved Spouse..
5 ) Understood The Love Language 💖💘
6 ) Understood The Power of Silence🤐😶🤫
7 ) Understood The Power of Being Together💑
8 ) Understood The Power of Appreciation👍👌
9 ) The Result we both Live now daily with Guru Grace is ,
Understanding Self and Loved Ones ; improved Relations with Loved Ones ; Better and Lovely Family Life with Spouse and Children👨‍👨‍👧‍👦…

This program gave us an opportunity to
Understand self and loved ones in a better way ,
Understand our true cast ,
Understand our differences and resolving them in a WinWin way..

The MOM really helped us in living and enjoying Life 👑KingSize with Family and make new Friends , retain them too..

Thank You Guruji Rishi Shree Prabhakar ji , RSVK and Rishi Amrut Vivek arthat Shree Manoj Lekhiji for bringing this wonderful program into reality , which transforms any Married Life into *Zigalala Married Life💓💗..

In Gratitude
Divinely Yours
Ajit with Bhakti