Dated: 07/07/2019

Realisation & Experience : Bhavesh Shah (Husband)

Spouse Name: Nehal Shah


Experience :

Wonderful, Heavenly & Blissful.

Food was good

I realised that I came much much close to Nelu, started feeling light.

Seeing godliness in her.

Saw my reflection in her.

Being with this beautiful nature and finding best friend in her.



Got the best pick from this course. Is haf we both had a particular language, of expressing love.

Saw  God in her.

Realised that I there to follow PDH – Don’t (Possess + hold + depend)

Realisd how important was to be with her daily, at least for 1/2 hour daily.

I should treat are like a beautiful innocent child.




Realisation & Experience :  Stuti Agarwal (WIFE)

Spouse Name: Nandan Agarwal

Experience :


This has been my favourite workshop so far.

Every single segment was so powerful.



We have the right tools to attain the goal of reaching a higher level in our marriage.

From being in silence with each other to accepting  each other

LOVE Language to understanding, how we are wired /made different.

It all makes sense now &  we feel closer &  more in sync.




Realisation & Experience:  Uday Bhatia (Husband)

Spouse Name: Shilpa Bhatia


Wonderful experience

High vibration environment

Could understand the basic wiring/ structure of men/women.

The experience of touching feet &  saying thank you was out of the world.



Don’t posses

Don’t hold

Don’t depend

I will respond and not react

I will understand her.

I will give her, he required space.

I will not force her, to do what I like.