…. Unfolding miracles !

Unique workshop specially designed to take us deeper into our INWARD and OUTWARD journey by exploring and discovering ourselves through this ‘bhava’ of GRATEFULNESS!

  1. Get to Know the “WHY” of all your problems in the areas of Health, Wealth and Relationships
  1. Unblock your ENERGY
  1. Release yourself from the Past Letting-down Memories
  1. Discover your Inner Strength

* Cleanse your soul and create space for wonderful things to come your way

* Embrace inspiration and invite creativity

* Discover your inner strength

* Attract abundance

* Manifest your vision

*Experience exponential growth in ALL areas of your life

* Live a life full of pure joy

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About Your Mentor

Manoj J. Lekhi

Business & Conciousness Coach

Manoj J Lekhi, lovingly called Manojji, is a truth seeker at heart and a friend and guide to thousands in India and overseas.

He is an inspirational expert in multiple areas – child development, education, human consciousness, management and leadership development. His forte is to simplify, complicated science into simplified application practical tools, which even 10 years old child can understand. His motive is about transforming oneself within and thereby experiencing abundance inside and out.

Manoj ji is a game changer for big business houses, new entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches and many more.He not only adds real value into their earning and profits through his programs but also lovingly pass on the simple ways to be happy & peaceful at the same time.Be it multiple growth in business, promotion in job, decisions for news ventures or investment, clarity of visions etc, he has been a torch bearer into everyone’s life with simple, effective and 100% tangible goal oriented strategies and trainings.

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