Guruji Gives Clarity on: 

Miracles of Non-Doing In Education  

People associate success with working hard. The reality is contrary. Studying playfully is the art of Non-Doing in studies.  

Once you make anything hard, the mind is automatically set to reject it. If something is made into fun, the mind automatically approaches it and has more fun. 

Role of a teacher is to make learning into fun. Then all his students will   say that maths is fun. History is fun. Physics is fun. This is the difference between a great teacher and a boring teacher. 


I understood this principle and started working on making studies fun for children. If something is labelled as hard, then students get frightened to start with. So the mantra is always “It is easy”


Learning small bits is easy. If big bits are thrown at the student, they find it hard and psychologically reject it as hard and never start learning. Many small bits make a big thing and you start looking smart. If you feel the strain of understanding, you start shutting it down.  

Understanding is the first step in learning. 


If you have to remember without understanding, it is hard. Even if you understand, remembering large pieces is hard unless you start to use the power of your sub-conscious mind. 


Let me illustrate the power of your subconscious mind now in a few minutes.  

Now read the following small mantra 10 times. “Apavitrah Pavitrovah sarvaa vasthan Gatopiva Yah Smareth pundareekaksham”. 

Now close your eyes and repeat the same. Try again after closing the eyes. Do you find it hard or easy? Now I will teach you the same in the next few minutes using the power of your subconscious mind and you will repeat it effortlessly. Please take a few minutes to follow me. 

Repeat the following two words 10 times. “Apavitrah Pavitrovah”. Now close your eyes and say it ten times. It is easy, right? 

Now read the following 4 words 10 times.“Apavitrah Pavitrovahsarvaavasthan  Gatopiva.” 

Now repeat the same words 20 times with your eyes closed without effort. If you feel any effort, open the eyes and read it and then close the eyes until you are able to repeat it effortlessly 10 times. It may be boring at first, but you will be doing something which you could not do before using the power of your subconscious mind. 

Please do not proceed further without having repeated the four words effortlessly for 10 times with your eyes closed. It is easy. Follow the instructions in the previous paragraph until you get it effortlessly. It is very easy. 


Now please read the following two words 10 times and repeat the   same with closed eyes 10 times effortlessly. “Yah Smareth pundareekaksham”. 

Now read the following 3 times and repeat the same with your eyes closed 10 times effortlessly. If you find it is effortful, you open your eyes and read the same 3 times and then close the eyes and repeat it 10 times effortlessly. 


“Apavitrah Pavitrovah sarvaavasthan Gatopiva Yah Smareth pundaree-kaksham”. Done it effortlessly? Congratulations. You appear like a genius. 

Keep repeating it effortlessly. Do not strain. If it becomes a strain, read the words again once or twice and you can repeat it effortlessly. Practice repeating 5 times three times a day for 10 days effortlessly. You will have this mantra available to you effortlessly for the rest of your life. Even if you have completely forgotten it, you can get it back by just reading it three times or just once. 

Now you can learn the following mantra the same way by breaking it into small pieces at a time and repeat it ten times in a day. You will be amazed how smart you will be in a few months. This is the most famous Gayatri Mantra that has made all Indians the smartest lot in the world. 

“Om…Bhur Bhuvah Suvaha…Tat Saviturhrvarenyam.. Bhargo.. DevasyaDheemahi.. Dheeyo.. Yonah… Prachodayaath”. 

The meaning of the mantra is as follows; “Salutations to the effulgent energy that illumines the three worlds. Let that effulgence make my intellect expand”. 

The greatest wealth in the world is intelligence. That is what makes man superior to all animals. More intelligent you are the more superior you are. Wrong habits and understandings can make you look dull and be over powered by people with less intelligence but organized power. Soon the intelligent will learn the trick to defeat the less intelligent. It is like being caught by an elephant alone in the forest. But soon man learnt to trap the giant and make it follow his commands. 

That is why the small company Tatas of India has acquired the British Steel Giant after 60 years of Independent India. Intelligent India sent back the mighty British with- out a shot being fired by Gandhi    and broke the British Empire. More than 40% of NASA scientists were Indian even though Indians were less than 1% of American population. 

Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar Wrote: 

“Bhagwan Vishweshwaraiah has personally guided me in spirituality since my childhood. 

He was all purity. His mere blessings were enough to change people’s lives. Bhagwan was an accomplished Nada-Yogi. He was music personified. One look at Him would convey more than a thousand words. 

Whatever He spoke, was a direct answer to all our inner questions. He had no body feeling.  

He was the Master, not the world. Although He had Siddhis, He never exhibited His power. He was a simple house holder having children, yet he lived the lofty ideals of a Mahatma.  

Being with Him we could experience his child like simplicity and the courage to live in Truth. 

May you implement and live Sadguru Bhagwan’s teaching in your daily life and receive His blessings. 

Prayers will be offered at all Ashrams and Kendras of RSVK on this day i.e. His Aradhana Day. 

We will offer our thanks to Bhagwan Sri Vishweshwaraiah for all that Sri Bhagwan has graced us with, to   grow in ourselves, our families and our  world”.