Condensed From Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.

Why remember what you study forever?


What is the use of studying for 15 to 20 years with great effort and forget it all in just a few months when you can be a genius in your subject. Why not put it in your subconscious memory which is virtually infinite space and retrieve it effortlessly.


You will permanently overcome the fear of exams and remember effortlessly what is important.

– Poor students memorize without understanding.

– Good students understand and forget.

-Genius understands and remembers forever.

This approach is not associative memory. Here, it flows effortlessly like Antakshari-like a mantra. Book after book can be mastered effortlessly.


Process of Gaining 100% Memory: Students first understand the subject through a process called “EFFORTLESS READING”.

Here they read the book like a novel rather than as a text book effortlessly. Then they re-read the same several times with increasing speed. In about 5 hours, they would have read a 200 page book about 4 to 5 times.


Only those students who have sufficient background to under-stand the text of the next year without assistance from any teacher are eligible for this process. This means, to be eligible a child should be passing with at least 70% marks.  


Weaker students are to study lower standard text books first and master them before coming to the higher levels. Some children require a brief overview of the previous year text and the new text to proceed easily. Smarter students finish everything first and then can assist the slow learners.


Then they read chapter by chapter easily. After reading a chapter, they write down the main points, sub points and sub, sub points of each para as much as they remember leaving spaces for writing what they don’t remember. Then they read  the chapter again in 3 to 5 minutes and fill up more points until they have written everything they under-stand. Then they go to the next chapter until the whole book is finished. Then they proceed chapter by chapter to organize the material in a connected logical memory pattern and document it as a tree chart. This chart helps them to review the chapter in about 10 seconds.


The human brain is capable of seeing a picture and can recollect the content in a millionth of a second. Thus the whole subject of about 200 pages can be reviewed in about 2 minutes and the entire curriculum in about 20 minutes. By reviewing the subject effortlessly several times in a day for 30 days,  the whole subject gets etched in the sub-conscious memory for ever and is never forgotten.


The speed with which they complete subject after subject   in 3 to 4 days gives them tre- mendous enthusiasm to proceed   further in a playful way. No strain is involved. Practice of silence  makes all this possible.