Condensed From Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.


You can learn the following mantra the same way by breaking it into small pieces at a time and repeat it ten times in a day. You will be amazed how smart you will be in a few months. This is the most famous Gayatri Mantra that has made all Indians the smartest lot in the world.


“Om…Bhur Bhuvah Suvaha…Tat Saviturhrvarenyam.. Bhargo.. Devasya Dheemahi.. Dheeyo.. Yonah… Prachodayaath”.


The meaning of the mantra is as follows; “Salutations to the effulgent energy that illumines the three worlds. Let that effulgence make my intellect expand”.


The greatest wealth in the world is intelligence. That is what makes man superior to all animals. More intelligent you are the more superior you are. Wrong habits and understandings can make you look dull and be over powered by people with less intelligence but organized power. Soon the intelligent will learn the trick to defeat the less intelligent. It is like being caught by an elephant alone in the forest. But soon man learnt to trap the giant and make it follow his commands.


That is why the small company Tatas of India has acquired the British Steel Giant after 60 years of Independent India. Intelligent India sent back the mighty British with- out a shot being fired by Gandhi    and broke the British Empire. More than 40% of NASA scientists were Indian even though Indians were less than 1% of American population.


All races of the world must learn the power of the Gayatri mantra and elevate themselves in intelligence.


Now you are learning the power of effortlessness. If you try to remember with effort, you will soon forget it. What is learnt without effort, only that remains with you!


Most people remember their kindergarten rhymes effortlessly. It has been etched in the subconscious memory.


In Education, training is more important than Intelligence. Training can compensate for intelligence.


Nobody can formulate Newton’s laws by themselves. But by learning about it from a book or a teacher, you have borrowed Newton’s intelligence. All trainings are simply borrowing of intelligence of great scholars.


Training is not sufficient unless you remember what you have learnt. Most people forget very soon what they learnt. That means the training they got has been lost. They go on losing more and more until they  have lost the very basic building blocks and they simply cannot even understand the final year texts if they were to read it after several years.


Training is more important than intelligence. Memory is more important than training. And being able to recollect in time is most important.


Most people forget everything when they are in stress like in an examination hall or interview. Practice of silence removes stress and opens the conscious and sub-conscious mind for memory and learning. We have adopted these understandings about effortlessness to Education. Now our students can complete their entire year’s syllabus in just one month with 100% memory.


Here is a description of how the 100% memory training works for the benefit of all Governments, Educationists and Students.