Our Health depends on several factors like food, air, water, sunlight, environment, personal habits, mental patterns, emotional temperament, inter-personal relationships and many more.

A well balanced combination of all the 5 areas of Body, Prana, Mind, Intellect and Consciousness leads to energetic and vibrant HEALTH!.


You are what you EAT. True, but relatively true!

You are what your PRANA is. True, but relatively true!

You are what your THOUGHTS are. True, but relatively true!

You are your BELIEFS. True, but relatively true!



HEALTH is a state of complete physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.


HOW do we maintain vibrant HEALTH?

The workshop gives a wholesome understanding for enhancing all the 5 Koshas.

Resolve deep set health issues ranging from cough, cold, acidity, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer by a simple implementation of specific techniques.

Practice wholistic processes like EFT, EET, TMS, Soham etc in your every day life.

Develop wholesome food and exercise habits.

Explore how to manage all the 5 aspects which are instrumental in creating high energy, immense enthusiasm and vibrant Health.

Learn how to attain super Health by seamlessly integrating happy thoughts, empowering beliefs and high vibrational energy in your day to day living


Same goes for WEIGHT!


Attain the ideal weight you want! Lose or Gain Kilograms with ease!

The Best News !

There are…

No drastic food changes

No drastic exercise changes

No strenuous workouts

No rigorous activity schedules

An easy, natural, effortless method

You get simple pointers to reach your Magic Number (weight)

An effective plan, making you think and feel healthy and balanced

Integrated in a wholesome way in every day schedule

Easy to follow on daily basis, in routine life, for social agendas and on holiday schedules.

Works in sync with your life style and cultural needs

Just for You!


Sometimes trying to lose weight on your own does not work.
Normally, we think of “Weight Loss'”, we focus mainly on food and exercise i.e. diet and physical fitness. Most programs target your eating and physical habits.

By focusing on All the 5 koshas, the WEIGHT plan covers all aspects of food, exercise, thoughts, intellect, beliefs, feelings, vision, consciousness, and vibrations.

Practice a balanced and natural way of being the ideal weight and vibrant health you want!

This program is designed to bring together participants like you who want a happy and healthy body alongwith a radiant mind and glowing spirit.


It is a comprehensive approach to achieving immense Happiness through high-powered, dynamic and vibrant Health!


Investment : On Enquiry

For more details kindly contact: Mehul Shah 8655422770


My weight had unknowingly and gradually increased since the past 6 months.
When I started the Mind Your Weight Program, I was 59 kgs and I visibly looked overweight! Today, after just 45 days of the program I have lost 3 Kgs!!!
The program taught me how to be sensitive and caring towards my physical Body. I learnt how to flow with the needs of my Body and not resist the signals it is giving me. I understood the importance of shifting my mindset and thought patterns to attain the ideal weight I want.
By implementing on a daily basis, the knowledge, the understandings and the learnings imparted at the MYW Program, I am experiencing a huge change in my “inner-Me” which is reflecting outwardly as a fit and healthy “Me”!
The approach of the MYW program towards weight management goes beyond Food and Exercise. It took me to higher levels of inner understanding and self-awareness which has resulted in an effortless achievement of the weight I want! Thank you Manojji and entire MYW Team! You have helped me develop a unique relationship with my own Body. I am now feeling slim, fit, energetic and beautiful!
Mind Your Weight was a very FREEING experience from me. For me weight was connected to food and exercise. After doing MYW I connected deeply to my mind, feelings/emotions and consciousness. I used be always guilty of eating certain foods. That precipitated into eating that particular food in huge quantity. And then completely abstaining from it. This oscillation of food intake continued and so did my weight gain and loss. Now I eat everything with AWARENESS and have lost 3kg in last month. I am more aware about my mind and body and enjoying LIGHTNESS in both.
Meera Mahadevia