A Weight Loss Program Effortlessly and Naturally Attain the ideal weight you want! Lose or Gain Kilograms with ease!

Normally, when we think of “ Weight Loss”, we focus mainly on food and exercise  i.e. diet and physical fitness.

Most programs target your eating and physical activity  habits.

In other words weight loss plans are usually designed for your Annamaya Kosha and Pranamaya Kosha only ! Our MIND YOUR WEIGHT Program has a special comprehensive  approach towards enhancing all the Pancha Koshas Annamaya Kosha Pranamaya Kosha Manomaya Kosha Vignyanamaya Kosha Anandamaya Kosha By focusing on All the above 5 Koshas , the MIND YOUR WEIGHT plan covers all aspects of food, exercise, thoughts, intellect, beliefs, feelings, vision, consciousness and vibrations.

Thus it is a wholesome and simple methodology which aids you in achieving the ideal weight you want. It is designed in a way that can be integrated and practiced  in your everyday life effortlessly.

Practice a balanced and natural way of being the ideal weight you want! YES it is possible! Put your MIND to it and see yourself achieving the WEIGHT you wish to be… 100% guarantee if you follow what we say Very easy tools to follow More or less eat as naturally as before More or less exercise as naturally as before which is effortless and strain-free Includes using meditation and visualization techniques Absolutely a must to bring a photo of yourself, when you come for the program, of how you wish to be The Best News !

There are… No drastic food changes No drastic exercise changes No strenuous workouts No rigorous activity schedules An easy, natural, effortless method You get simple pointers to reach your Magic Number (weight) An effective plan, making you think and feel healthy and balanced Integrated in a wholesome way in every day schedule Easy to follow on daily basis, in routine life, for social agendas and on holiday schedules.

Works in sync with your life style and cultural needs Just for You! Sometimes trying to lose weight on your own does not work.

This program is designed to bring together participants like you who want a happy and healthy body along with a radiant mind and glowing spirit. Attend a One Day Workshop + 3 follow-up sessions and lose or gain the weight you want.

Discover weight management techniques which are unique and effective.

Practice the tips we give you consistently, in a simple and natural way and reach your ideal body weight! MIND YOUR WEIGHT A Weight Loss Program naturally and effortlessly

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