Now, most people who use vision make a small but disastrous mistake. For example: it is declared  that a patient has cancer. People teach him to visualize that he does not have cancer, or visualize having  a good time without cancer, or visualize  having  a  time  where  he  is  enjoying  life. 

Now this person compares; my vision is to be in a state where I enjoy, but my present state is, I  have cancer. So he still has a comparison between his present stage and  what  he  wants  to  achieve. 


Hence, it does not help because he already remembers that he has cancer and has to get out and be in a state which is free. It is like a man with his feet in two boats  which will surely lead to a fall. This is not progress. 

Actually, whatever may be your present stage, you drop it and  ‘Look Forward’ to whatever you want, it  may  be  a  very,  very  small  thing. 

If you are lying down and you are looking forward to sitting up and you sit up for a short while, that  itself is enough feedback. Even if  you do not sit up you can ‘Look Forward’ to sitting,  that  itself  is  enough.

This mechanism of ‘Looking Forward’ was used when the body condition was really, really sad. When the  body is very sick and is trying to improve, it is trying to  clear off the ailment, we normally interpret it as the body has become  very  weak.

Instead we can make two interpretations: 1. That body is very strong and it is trying to get rid of infection or poisons very fast or 2. The body has become very weak. 

If we interpret it as the body has become very weak and now I am going to die; then you will start getting palpitation and perspiration. You are already very weak because the body is trying to heal, but now you will add fuel to the fire. Then you will be taken to hospital because now you need oxygen. But then discover why are you doing this? And switch over to  something  else. 

Even in that kind of state and effect on the body, we should remember to ‘Look Forward’. So when you start ‘Looking Forward’ the body  makes  a  rapid  transition, perspiration, palpitation stops and need for oxygen disappears.  The whole  scenario can  shift. 

These are all small causes, not that the body is weak and patient is going to die. Only because of the effect of the ailment, a patient  knows that he is having this for  some time. He looks forward to wonderful health. He knows that what he has been experiencing are all intermediate; like only a bump  on  the  road.

As soon as the interpretation  shifts, the body begins to recover by itself. This happens in a matter of two minutes, it did not take hours. Just a flip from ‘Looking Forward’ to something sad, to ‘Looking Forward’  to  something  nice.

‘Looking Forward’ is quantum shift which makes a major difference between feeling good and bad.

Assume that you’re having fun but suddenly you learn you lost your  job! All the fun that you are having immediately shifts to sadness. And you want to go and hang yourself.  So, feeling bad instantly shifted  from feeling good, then why not   the other  way  around – from feeling bad to feeling good? This is possible by ‘Looking Forward’ to some thing nice which you create from your intellect. This is Gyan Yoga, otherwise you are running by your karma. When the intellect comes into  the  picture,  that  is  Gyan Yoga.

Once you begin to establish that everything is Okay, everything is  Wonderful. Your ‘Looking Forward’  to something wonderful makes   you  feel  wonderful.

It is up to you how you use your intellect. Most people are incapable of using this intellect. That is unfortunate. So what is real education is to stump this mind and  win your intellect, use your brain, use your intellect. This is a wise man. Those who are living by their mind  alone  are  all  murkhas/ fools.