Your mind is affected by what  you  ‘Look  Forward’  to. It is not the situation, it is only the feeling created by your own intellect. 

If you feel imprisoned, what will  you do? Mind is a programmed machine. What you like to eat is what you are used to eating. If  you eat Punjabi food regularly, you will like to eat Punjabi food only.   Mind is a programmed machine. So if some other food is given, the  same  Punjabi will shout, “This is no food for me”. But to some other person it is the best and mouth  watering  food.

Creation  and  the  Intellect

So the mind, is a programmed machine, which depends on the past. But the intellect is not a programmed machine of the past.   It is something with which you can create  what  you  want,  right  now. 

Most people in this world live  programmed lives. They are suffering because they are more attached to the mind than to the intellect. They are more driven by their mind than the intellect. Mind wants the old thing but the place is changing so they are always in trouble. 

Using  Intellect  Over  Mind

Only the person who is able to use his intellect will enjoy the world not the person who is using  the  repetitive  mind.

All of us are caught up in the repetitive mind, it is called being  ‘Karma Bound’. Very, very few people in this world use their intellect. I would say 99.99% of people  in  the  world  are  all  fools. Because you don’t use your intellect and use only your programmed mind and hence are karma  bound.

If you want a happy life you can create a happy life immaterial of what the situation is by using your intellect and ‘Looking Forward’ to anything.  Use your intellect. 

It is the intellect which begins to manifest what you want. But you can enjoy the manifestation before  it has manifested by simply ‘Looking  Forward’!

So immaterial of the circumstances you are in, immaterial of what is going to happen also, if you just create and ‘Look Forward’ to what you like: however simple, small or ridiculous it may be, you will get  the lift. And life becomes wonderful,  so  you  will  feel  wonderful.