By Manoj J Lekhi

This article was written last year when I went for Padyatra (11 – 17 October 2016.)


This was the final destination Dandi beach, I reached there once again, with someone giving me a ride straight to the beach.


I asked “Where is the Gandhi ashram? “, they said its gone real behind.

“Where  is the Gandhi Museum”, that also went behind, they said !

In front of where I stood , there was a beach, so I decided to have a dip, in the sea,  then went around, refreshed my self in the sea once again  for quite sometime. I had come out , when the tide was coming in and after that proceeded to find the gandhi museum.


When I reached the museum, i was extremely touched! Outside I spent quite some time, before really entering the main building-   Saifee hall.

When I entred the muesuem , I saw just photos of gandhiji, various photos just put here and there,just like that – in that dilapidated state.


I was just wondering that – outside its so good & inside just the opposite. .

I went and met the caretaker, who started to explain, stories of Gandhiji  and tears were rolling down his eyes, and then I found  tears rolling down my eyes.

We hugged , we spoke, we wept and then suddenly I felt  his presence,   Gandhiji’s presence, & then Guruji presence!


There was an inner calling for me to do something.

I could not spell out what, but definitly something on the lines of carrying on Gandhiji’s work and Guruji’s work further.


At this moment i am not able to express or speak in words,but as time comes definitly will do something monumental, and sure something  which will bring about India in different level of consciousness in the world.


There is something about that place which touched me very much, & something about Karadi Village too . After that I went back again to Karadi to  sit in silence.

I was drawn to this place, to the silence which it emmitted, the Gandhi Museum and karadi village . I would like to spend more time here in future.


I was very touched by Raman bhai- the Care taker – his gestures,  his authenticity, him serving food, with so much love especially prepared at that time for me, as if I was a god who came.


That was the final and the most beautiful end to my journey( Yatra).


In Gratitude to Shrimad Rajchandraji who was Gandhiji’s Guru who guided him throughout his life.This year happens to be his 150 th year since he left his body .( Hear Guruji’s cassette on Super Memory whree he speaks about Shrimad Rajchandraji.

Thank you Gandhiji!

Because of you , all of us in India can experience the outer freedom of life and express ourselves fully.

Thank you Guruji!

Because of you , we all in SSY can experience inner freedom and express ourselves fully .