By Manoj J Lekhi

Extract From the book ‘ Superleader’

We may observe that a characteristic trait of human behaviour is to adhere rigidly to habits.  

All of us have several types of habits which may be daily, routine or unique to each individual. 

Some are detrimental habits which are harmful for our physical or mental health such as addiction to Tea, Coffee, and Cigarettes or food habits like having too much of sugar, fried foods etc.

Some may be simple routine habits, like being late for work every day, forgetting to brush teeth, watching too much TV etc.  These are the unwholesome habits that we want to change or break.

Other than these there are skill habits that we want to learn such as some art or driving or cycling, but we are unable to pursue them due to time unavailability. 

People also have thinking habits like feeling low, complaining, making excuses or harbouring negative thoughts which could be changed to positive emotions. 

There are some habits related to our work which are laid back attitude, procrastination laziness, stress and many more which can be eliminated from our behaviour. 

Certain  relationship habits like unhealthy gossiping, back-biting, stubbornness tend to drain our energy, and one may wish to break such habits. 

Habits related to the  organization which we wish to change like ego clash or dissatisfaction from work and many such. 

Certain behavioural habits like anger, irritation, being judgemental, unknowingly become part our system.

Situational habits like losing our calm and strongly reacting in a particular situation become a repeated pattern in us.  

We may also aim to create certain habits that are uplifting ones such as yoga, getting up early, meditating or provide services to others or developing of strong and empowering thoughts or habits like value habits such as being honest, loyal or truthful. 

It is also possible to inculcate habits related to money which can lead you to immense abundance! 

We make many resolutions every year some are continued and some are broken in just a few days.  Most of the time, we do not succeed in overcoming our deep-rooted habits through overnight resolutions. 

All Super Leaders are continuously changing they habits 24x7x365. They have mastered this art of dropping unwanted habits and inculcating uplifting habits

Some may even think how is it possible to transform habits in one single day when one is not able to do so, all these years?  

We have been researching, learning and understanding this process since 8 years. The human brain is divided into three parts. We have studied the detailed working of the brain and how we operate from the different parts of the brain in different situations. This is a part of an in-depth study of Neuro science and Quantum physics.

We have observed through studies that if we set 6 parameters, habits are very easy to Make or Break. I have personally gone through making and breaking of my own habits by following the principles shared in this program, and like me many others have also benefited in creating and inculcating personal habits through the learnings from this program. 

We have developed a One Day Workshop which not only helps you to BREAK your unwanted habits but succeeds in aiding you to MAKE the habits you want.  

The uniqueness of our program is that it is designed to ensure consistency and practicality so as to effortlessly instill in you the most valued habits which you wish to develop in yourself!