Master of the Game

… Unravel the Mystery, the Magic, the Secret!

What’s Your Role?
You can be the MASTER OF THE GAME!
Discover how to ..
Be the Master of this playful life!
Unravel the secret of enjoying this beauful game!
Solve the mystery of this myscal adventure!
Rejoice in this joyful celebration of life!


Know the Secret!
All the Rishis knew it. You can know it too!
At the Camp indepth knowledge will be revealed on how to be MASTER OF THE GAME of Life!
I have unknowingly been using this knowledge since the past 25 years and now I have
discovered the science behind it aer 27 years.
Come, be a part of this insighul learning of the 5 levels of your Relaonship with Life!
Simple techniques and tools will aid you to wholeheartedly enjoy this secret called life.
It is a simple game! It is a beautiful game!


The Game of Life !
Life is a Celebration!

Life is an Adventure!
Life is Mystical!

Life is Beautiful!

Life is a Play!
Life is a Game!

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