In the business world when we use the sentence, “He is a great Manager,” one interprets it as the fact that the person is managing many people effectively. And he is successful in getting the best results from his employees.

We associate management with the people in the business field. But, to me Management is not only about Managing your Business.

To me management is what we teach in the Executive SSY Program – Total Management. Total Management is managing all the areas of your life, Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual.

Physical Management is all about managing your body, keeping yourself physically fit, through proper eating of natural foods, exercising, doing pranayama, yoga asanas and playing games.

Mental Management managing is about managing your Mind. Keeping your mind calm, relaxed, peaceful through the process of Samadhi Meditation. A person who is not able to be silent cannot be a great Manager. They say, if you are calm and peaceful, you are already on the way to becoming a great Manager.

Social Management – is about managing your family, relatives, friends, employees, employers, boss, colleagues, neighbors, children and of course your spouse. All these come under social management. We need to manage all these areas of our life.

Emotional Management is managing your emotions – Navrasas, and expressing them fully. And finally

Spiritual Management – is about managing your spiritual self, your inner being through the process of meditation and being in silence etc.

So that was Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual Management. Managing all these areas efficiently is what we call Management. In our Pi – Professional Insights Program, I come across many people whose earning capacity is in crores of rupees, even 100 crores and 500 crores, but they do not have time for the family. They do not have time for themselves. They are working around the clock without having time for other areas like sports, hobbies, so they always feel incomplete from inside.

By undergoing the SSY Program one finds his balance and is able to manage all the areas of his life and that is why after the Pi when they undergo the SSY, which is the B and C part of the Pi Program, they feel so, so energized – Physically, Mentally, Socially, Emotionally and Spiritually.

In the A part of the Pi Program, we teach them a lot of doing, doing and doing, i.e. Action and it is outward oriented.

The B and C – is all about Non- doing, about inaction and is inward oriented.

But, the combination of outward and inward gives them a very satisfied and complete feeling. A true experience of the possibilities of how wonderful life can be and what beauty life can actually offer you right here, right now.

We recommend all corporate offices to undertake the Professional Insights Program to enhance their organiz-ation and Time Management skills, if you have 20 or more Managers