Magic of Inner Beauty

Excerpts from the book ‘Are you a Super Leader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi


One day, emperor Akbar saw a woman hugging and kissing a very dark, unclean and unattractive child. Though the child was obnoxious to look at, the woman was calling him the most attractive child in the world. This surprised the emperor and he said to Birbal, ‘I wonder how a woman could shower her love on such an unpleasant child?’ Birbal replied politely, ‘Huzoor, the child must be the woman’s own kid. For every mother, her own child is the most beautiful child in the world.’


Just like king Akbar had a fixed mindset for beauty, we all carry thousands of beliefs in our head about beauty. There are prejudices that we always carry along, that a dark skinned person is average while a fair looking person is pretty.

Similarly, being thin is acceptable while being fat isn’t.


Likewise craving for a perfect figure or straight silky hair are just examples of the negative beliefs we carry in the area of physical looks. We have many notions, emotions, ideas and thoughts of what is good, what is bad, what is right, what is wrong, what is to be and what is not to be.


Beauty has nothing to do with our height, our color, our weight or our figure. These are just norms that we inherit from the media and our environment. We are nothing but programmed machines, thinking in the manner we have been programmed by our own selves and the society. Inner beauty is far deeper than these prejudices. The simplest example of inner beauty as my wife Nina puts it, is a person who has ‘a heart of gold’ – a beautiful person connects to another person’s heart. When hearts of two people meet and they come together in tremendous harmony, it reflects true inner beauty. True beauty lies beyond prejudices and

assumptions that we hold. Inner beauty is the only beauty which is expressed through two people who simply want to be together irrespective of their outward appearances.


When love is the expression of two people, it is true beauty. Inner beauty is the absence of conditions.


Inner beauty is the absence of comparisons. Inner beauty is the absence of possessions.


Inner beauty is the absence of ‘must be’s’ and ‘should be’s’.


Inner beauty is the absence of compulsions.


In fact, beauty itself is God and God itself is beauty. Everything is beautiful in this universe. It is just that one needs that pure vision to view the same. Sun is beautiful, moon and stars are beautiful, trees and mountains are beautiful. All of nature is beautiful.


In fact, nature itself is the genuine reflection of inner beauty. One who is aligned with nature inevitably sees beauty all around. One who is not in tune with nature, experiences struggle and discontent. Even though one may carry a body that the world finds attractive, what matters is the inner beauty that one holds. Even the ‘so-called’ pretty people are not satisfied with whatever they have in their life because they may simply lack a heart of gold which is filled with love. A person who is dissatisfied from within will be unhappy and in the quest of seeking fulfilment may indulge in something that is ugly like lying, cheating, robbing, etc.


A Super Leader is one who is satisfied with his self, is the one who cherishes his life to the fullest. He will do all things which are in tune with qualities of godliness like loving, sharing and taking care of all beings in this world.


This is what inner beauty is in its purest form. A body with everything is nothing in comparison to a soul which radiates with inner beauty. The one who loves and lives every moment in joy and makes others’ lives happy is a person who is perfect to be described as beautiful. Inner beauty is the outcome of being fulfilled.


Go inwards, meditate, spend more time in silence and increase your inner beauty which is refl ected through your body. There is no need for any make-up or any cosmetics or any other beauty product.


When your heart is pure you naturally shine and glow. Grow your inner beauty. Your eyes will speak what your heart says. Your face will refl ect what your heart is. Your body will glow with the radiance of your heart and soul.


Into an Ever-Expansive Inner World

We all may not have noticed it much, but as we go to more luxurious hotels, the lobby gets more and more comfortable. The lobby of a 3-star hotel is less comfortable than a 5-star hotel which is less comfortable than a 7-star hotel. When questioned to people as to what is the difference between all these lobbies, the various responses that we get are that the service is better; the ambience is better and so on. But the real reason is the space that it offers. The lobby of a 7-star hotel is huge, making you feel content with its maxima. The space offered by a 7-star hotel will be far more heightened and refined than a 3-star hotel; more the height and space, more the stars.


Same goes for our inner world. When we make more space within ourselves, more staff (people) gets associated with us and the more stars we get (being liked and loved). The inner world has no limitations. It doesn’t end with 3-stars, 5-stars or 7-Stars. It can go into billions of stars. The more we spend time within our own consciousness, the more we can include others in our life, we can experience a better family life and feel richer. This happens when the inner consciousness expands – when we go inwards meditating and vibrating on a very high level holding attitudes like love, peace, calmness, sharing, empathy, compassion etc. So if we really want to be a billionaire, let’s not be a 5-star person or a 7-star person but a billion-star person.


A Super Leader delves into the inner world and experiences richness beyond imagination and beyond all stars. A Super Leader is one who constantly works on his/her inner beauty so as to manifest it outside beautifully.


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