An Article from the book ‘Money Wealth Abndance’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


I started engaging myself in business at the age of 18 and ran it successfully till the age of 33. In the 15 years of doing business, I don’t remember a single instance when I was excited in receiving a bill which I had to pay. It may have been that of the vendors, or any other utility bills, like telephone bills, electricity bills etc.


In the last 30 years or so, which include 15 years of my business and 15 years thereafter, I have met thousands and thousands of people, and whenever it comes to the topic of bills, be it electricity bills, telephone bills, bills to suppliers, service bills or product bills, I have hardly ever seen a person being happy or celebrating that he has got a bill and that he has the resources to pay it off.



Most of the people I come across – I would say 99% of the people – curse when they get a bill. Even if not verbalised, inside, there is a feeling of a setback, a curse, a difficult, heavy feeling. When I say ‘curse’, what I mean is a sort of negative emotion towards the bill; it may be frustration, irritation, disappointment or worry. It could also be fear, despair or powerlessness. All these are negative feelings.


As the law of attraction states, you get back what you give. In the above situation, what you are sending are vibrations of low energy. So, what you get back is low energy, too, by the bills becoming increasingly difficult to pay for. The reverse is also true. If you are thankful for the bills, happy that you are capable of paying these bills, grateful that you have used these services or products, you are sending vibrations of plentifulness, and so you attract all the opportunities and resources for the bills to be paid. Automatically, next time, you will be paying your bills effortlessly.


A few people pay bills happily. Some people pay with a neutral state of mind (you have bought something, so you have to pay for it, and, thus, there is no effect in their state of mind), but most people I come across pay it dejectedly. If we were to analyse the feelings of these people, or if we could get into their thoughts, we would find that there is a certain heaviness in their feelings, and a sort of resentment or complaint in their thoughts.



Their typical verbalised or non-verbalised expressions are as follows:


 “Oh, my God!!! This bill has come!” 


“Oh, my!! I have to pay this bill!” 


 “Oh, my!!!!! Once again, this bill!” 


Now, here is a simple tip regarding bills: Start loving your bills. Start paying them with love, and you will get back love. Start paying them as if you have all the money in the world, and you will get back the same.


This is Abundance. It doesn’t matter whether you have it or you don’t. Whenever you pay it, you pay it with lots of love and a feeling of gratitude to the person who has given you the product or the service. By your paying it with lots of love, happiness and joy, the feeling that you are sending out to the universe is,


“I am Abundant and I am capable of paying this bill.”


As Rhonda Byrne says so beautifully in her book, Magic:


“If you are grateful for the things you have, you will have more and more of it.” “If you are not grateful for the things you have, even the things you have will be taken away from you.”


She further gives some wonderful tips towards the bills you have received:


“As soon as you receive the new bills, you put a stamp on them that says ‘THANK YOU.’ This creates the opportunity for you to attract the money to pay the bill. As for all the bills you have already paid, put a rubber stamp on them that says ‘THANK YOU – PAID.’


In fact, one learns to look at it from the opposite angle: Why does this bill come to you? The universe is confident that you are capable of paying it.


Never curse bills, never let your body temperature go up or down, and never let your blood pressure go up or down upon receiving bills. See the miracle that happens once you express gratefulness towards a bill.


You can extend this concept further to all areas of your expenditure. When you go to the vegetable vendor, or when he comes to you, pay freely and let not your blood pressure go up or down by the rates he gives you. I am not saying that you should pay him extra, I am just saying that you should not let your blood pressure go up or down while paying. I am not asking you not to bargain. You may bargain for a few seconds, or minutes, but without letting your blood pressure go up or down. It’s not what you pay, it is the feeling with which you pay that matters.


Money is currency. Currency comes from the word ‘current.’ The more you allow it to flow, the more it will come to you. The more you hold on to it, the more it will stagnate. That way, we, ourselves, block the flow.


Let me give you a simple example: You’re travelling in a car, and some roadside salesperson offers you a product and quotes a price of ` 100; you bargain for 10 minutes and bring the price down to ` 75, upon which you feel a sense of great accomplishment. If, at another time, some vendor comes and quotes you ` 100 and you know that he has quoted high, and so, you tell him that you will buy at ` 50 if he agrees. He immediately says yes and agrees to it, and then you feel terrible and say to yourself, ‘Oh, my God!!! I should have quoted ` 25.’ This is how our mind plays tricks with us. Once you have decided to buy something at a particular price, just relax, offer the money with love and move on with your life.


In the same way, in every decision you make regarding payments, don’t hold on to money too much; spend by being in abundance and live in abundance.


Abundance does not mean you spend extravagantly. Abundance means the ‘feeling of abundance’, the feeling that ‘I am capable of paying this’ and the feeling of paying with lots of love and joy.

When you emit this vibration of love and blessings, more will come to you. Even in a restaurant, or somewhere else, give more than what is expected by the waiter, or valet, and call it ‘good luck money.’ This is ‘living in ABUNDANCE.’