There was an ancient tree, majestic with branches spread towards the sky. When it was in flowery mood, the butterflies of all shape and size and colour hummed around it. The birds from far off lands came and sang when it put for the blossoms and bore fruits . The branches like out stretched hands blessed all who came and set under its shade. A small child used to come and play under its shade and the big tree developed an affection for the small boy. Love between big and small is possible if the big does not know that it is big. The tree did not know that it was big, man only has that kind of knowledge. The big always have ego, as the prime relative, but for love there is nobody big or small; it embraces whoever comes near.


So the tree developed  a love for this small boy who used to come and play near it. The branches were high but it bent and bowed for the child so that he may pluck flower, he may get fruits. Love is ever ready to bow, ego is never ready to bend. If you go near ego its hands will stretch more upwards, it will stiffen so that you may not reach it. This is because he who can be approached is a small man, Whereas the one who is far , unapproachable —- may be far on the throne of Delhi – is a big man….. The playful child comes. The tree  bows its branches . The tree is very much pleased  when the child plucks some flowers. Its entire being is filled with the joy of love. Love is always happy when it can give something; ego is always happy when its take something. 


The boy grew up . Sometimes he slept on the lap of the tree , sometime he ate the fruits or sometime he wore a crown of the flowers of the tree and acted like a jungle king. One becomes like a king whenever there are flowers of love   and one become poor , full of misery, wherever throne of ego are. To see the boy wear crown and dance about filled the tree with thrill, with joy. It nodded in love, it sang with breeze— The boy grew up more. He began climbing the tree to swing on the branches. The tree felt very happy when the boy rested on its branches. Love is happy to give comfort to some body , ego is happy to give discomfort to everybody. 


 With the passage of time the boy was burdened to perform other duties. Ambition also came. He had exams to pass. He has friends to chat with and wander with. So he did not come often but the tree anxiously waited for him to come. Its soul gave out calls. Come , come ! I am waiting for you .’ love wait day and night ; and a waiting is there in it. The tree felt sad when he did not come. Love is grateful when it can share, when it can surrender, it is the happiest.  

With the growth, the boy coming to the tree became less and less frequent. The man who becomes big, whose ambitions grow, find less and less time for love. The boy  got engrossed in worldly affairs. One day , while he was passing by the tree said to him: ‘listen, I await you but you do not come. I expect you daily. The boy : ‘What have you got? Why should I come? Have you got money? I am in search of money’. Ego is always motivated. If only some purpose can be served, ego will come. But love is motiveless. Love is its own reward. The startled tree said: “ you will come only if I gave you something. ,That which withholds is no love .Ego amasses but love gives unconditionally. That which haven’t that sickness and became of its absence we are so joyfull; flowers bloom on us , many fruits grow on us, soothing shade we can give. We dance with the breeze and sing many songs. Innocent birds hop on our branches and chirp because we haven’t any money. The day we get involved in money we will have to go to temple like weak, freak men and listen how to obtain peace , how to get love. No, we do not have money.’ The boy said : “then why should I come to you? I will have to go where money is.  I need money’. 


Ego asks for money because it needs power. The  tree thought for a while and said : ‘well dear, you do nothing. Pluck my fruits and sell them. You will get money’. The boy lighted up. He claimed and plucked all the fruits ; even unripe ones were shaken down. The tree felt happy even through some twigs and branches were broken , even if some leaves fell down …. Getting broken also makes have happy. Even on getting , ego is not happy , it desires for more. The boy didn’t look back even once to thank the tree .  


Then for many days the boy did not come back because he had money and was busy making more money from that money . He had forgotten all about the tree. Years passed. The tree was sad . It yearned for the return of the boy …like a mother whose breasts are filled with milk but  son is lost .Her whole being is craving for the boy,is madly searching the boy so that he may come and lighten her . Such was the inner cry of that tree. Its entire being was a  shriek.  


After many years , when the boy was an adult now, came to the tree, the tree said :Come my boy. Come embrace me ‘. The boy said : ‘Leave that sentimentalism . That was a matter of childhood. I am not a child any more .” Ego takes love as madness , a childish fantasy . The tree invited : 

‘Come , swing on my branches…. Dance . Play with me ‘. The man :Brush aside useless talks. I want to build a house . Can you give me a house ?’ 

The tree exclaimed: ‘ A house ?…. I stayed without a house . Men stay in houses . Nobody else stays in house except man . And , do you notice his condition because of the confinement in four wells . ? Bigger the building is made , smaller the man is becoming . We do not stay in houses…. But you can take away my branches ,then you may be able to build a house .  

Without wasting time , the man brought an axe and severed all the branches of the  tree. The tree was a bare trunk now denuded . But love cares not for such things even if its limbs are severed for the loved ones. Its waiting ever ready to give for love . The boy forgot to thank the tree. He built his house ….. and the days flew into years .  

The trunk waited and waited . It wanted to shriek but it hadn’t any branches or leaves even to talk with.The wind blew but it couldn’t give message.The wind blew but it couldn’t give the message . It couldn’t speak but its soul resounded with one prayer only :Come , come my dear . Come . But nothing happened . The time passed and the boy was an old man now. He was once passing by and he came and stood by the tree. The tree asked : What else can I do for you  ?you have come after  very long time .The man said:’what else can you do ?i want to go to distant lands to earn money … The tree said cheerfully :”That is no problem ,my love . Cut my back and make a boat out of it . I would be very glad to assist you to far away lands to earn money …. But , please remember , I would be waiting for you to return soon ‘. 


He brought a saw, cut the tree,made a boat and went away . Now the tree was a small stump, which was once a vast tree is now waiting for his loved one to come back . It is waiting and  waiting and waiting . The man will not return because ego goes there only where it has something to gain . The tree has now nothing , absolutely nothing to offer. Ego does not go where it has nothing to gain .Ego, an eternal beggar , has a continous demand . And love is charity . It is a king , an emperor ! Is  there any greater king than love ?     


Moral : Love is the king , and ego an eternal beggar !