A Poem by Manoj J. Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)


Sometimes  I feel an  explosion of  Love

So  much 

In  fact  so much

Sometimes  it’s also scary 


If  I were  to express   myself

To  that  person

It  would  probably  very difficult

For   the receiver.


Then  suddenly   its gone 

 Sometimes I  get confused  too

So  much  Love and

than  sometimes  no feelings


One  thing   is for  sure

The  more I  get to experience  this explosion

The  softer  I become

The  more humble  I become

The  more I  am fulfilled  within.


Love  has this  quality

This   wonderful  quality

This inexhaustible  quality 


Love  is miraculous

Love  is Life

Love  is full   itself

Love  is love