My LiYA Experience – By Sarla


This week ,my husband Kapil has taken 2 session of gratitude n I attended both .While the session were going on,I realised I ‘m getting more clearity n peace in my thoughts .

The journey towards life is going smooth n feeling very happy for that.


My LiYA Experience – By Nikita Patel


Liya sms is really helpful for me to stay in gratitude touch. Though I am going through such a busy pace of time and not having time to spend ME time. And during this time Liya sms is helping me to stay in gratitude and to be in alignment.

Liya sms is really works like a magic for me.

When I am facing some problems or issues and I write it in Liya sms then I have observed that it’s getting solved automatically. Thanks for always motivating me to keep in Liya sms touch.

Thanks for always guiding me.


My LiYA Experience – Meena Bindal

Friends my wisdom 🦷 tooth was paining like anything . 

Consult to dentist. He said remove it. 

But my intuition was saying no it’s superficial.

Then made so many beautiful antidotes and segment intending

First time in my life so much love gratitude I have given to my wisdom tooth.

Some of examples

O my beautiful wisdom tooth 🦷 you are strong clean and supporting and serving me from last 60 years . 

I am very very sorry for those careless ness and not loving to you.never gratitude too.

Infect never acknowledge specially and separately . 

This is my mistake . Though body gratitude 

Me doing daily but deeply for one wisdom tooth with intention , never ever did.

Please please forgive me for my child like mistakes and I promise right now starting care for you, , my each bite

I am thankful to you that you are breaking my food churning and making it sellable. 

I am cleaning you after anything me eating specially cook food.  

On happy note 📝,

Everything has changed . My wisdom 🦷 tooth

Has accepted my intention and love .

my guide is Manojji, he is very silent . 

Hardly interact . But silently available .

His videos are helping and application we have to do 100% . Then it works pakka. 

Thanks to everyone .


My LiYA ExperienceBy Maitreyee Patukle

Thank you Julie for helping me being consistent and stay focused on my Outer and Inner goals 

My achievements while hand holding with you-

My weight reduced by 2kgs in the month of July and reducing further this month too.    

Feeling lighter and energetic 

I am very largely free from my Past shadows.

I operate from freedom

Thank you Julie for insisting on good photo.. that really helped to reframe