Excerpts from the book ‘The Key’


Choice is your Birth- Right 


Every movement is a cross road, and I have the choice to move towards my purpose, and listen to the inner voice I can choose my path, to greatness and life goal making the right choice, gives satisfaction to my soul. 


I once heard an interesting fable about a man who paid  heavy price for the choice be made. On a winter day, be had gone on a bike to a mountain. Due to bad weather, he was not able to get back to the base camp at the foot of the mountain. 


As night a approached, the whether became worse. The harsh cold winds and the darkness of the night made it difficult for the man to climb down. As he was descending, he stumbled a rolled down the mountain. Afraid that he would surely die, he started screaming for help in the dark, as he fell. 


Suddenly, as he crossed the cliff, his bands touched something that felt like a branch and be grabbed it. He felt relieved when he realised he had come to a halt. He started shouting for help with the hope that someone will hear him and come to his rescue. There was no response and to make matter worse it was a pitch dark winter night, so he could not see a thing around him. 


When he was tired of hanging in the air for a long time and felt that he would die soon. He started praying, ‘please help me God, please save me, I don’t want to die, I want to live.’ To his great astonishment, he heard a soothing voice that said, “My dear child I will save you, just let go of what you are holding and you will be saved.” 


The man through his mind was playing tricks with him and he was hearing voice. Again, the voice said, “Son, do not delay, just have faith and let go… hold on tight….your mind with you. If you let you will die. Don’t listen to the voice”. 


The net morning, when the villagers came out of their homes, they saw a man hanging from a tree just a few feet above the ground. He was frozen and dead. The villagers were talking among themselves, “poor man, why did not he jump to the ground. He could have easily found a house and taken shelter. He could have been alive! 


The journey of life is like climbing a mountain. The destination is the peak. Each one of us is born to reach the top and has all the potential to do so. But as we climb, there are many forces which pull us back; these are is in the form of distraction, emotion, ego, desire, fears, doubts, etc. At each step we have a choice, whether to let ourselves be pulled back by these force or march ahead. The higher we go, the stronger these force become; and hence the grater the agony when we fall down. 


Choice is our birthright, and we must exercise it. The choice we make at every movement during the journey determines our speed and the time we take to reach the pack-our ultimate goal, our purpose in life. We are all born on this planet with a purpose, to be lived during this lifetime. We may have set certain goal for ourselves to reach or to achieve during the life span. Once we have decided on what we want to achieve or where we want to reach, we set on the path towards it.