Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


A young man sat on a motor cycle  for the first time in his life. He had   his brother start the engine while he held the clutch. The motor cycle started moving. He was so excited that he was riding the vehicle. He understood that he can slow down the vehicle by turning the accelerator and happily went around the block. Everybody cheered as he came back. Again he came back for   a second time. This time he wanted to stop. He did not know where the brakes were. He shouted to his brother “Where are the brakes?”


His brother ran and shouted, “Apply the clutch and press the pedal   below your right foot”. He could not hear him. Again he came around the block. This time too his brother shouted the instructions while running along with the vehicle. But he still could not understand what his brother said. The young man jumped out of the vehicle with serious injuries and the vehicle was upon him. That young man was my   Grandfather.


Do you know your  brakes?

Most people do not even know that there is a brake. They run around the business of life every   day without a brake or break. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months and months into years. After several years they know    what is coming next year. The only unknown is death which they fear so much. Without brakes you can-not stop and get down where you want to go. Most people do not get down  all until death.


Have you taken any time to ask the question: “Where am I going?”

I have a friend who is always   anxious to go to the next place. As soon as we reach a place desired,   he is pressing us to move to the next place. He is happy to be driving. He could no enjoy the place where     we were.


Most of us are only going. Going where?

I was very busy going round and round teaching people how to rest, how to meditate. I thought it is my fundamental duty to teach and   make a contribution.


There was no time for anything else.“If you want to do great things, live as though you are never going   to Die”…..

“If you want to do loving things,  live as though you are going to die tomorrow”.


I was addicted to doing great things, loving things. I was a great man. Everybody I know of, also agreed that I am Great. My ego was fully satisfied.


Are you also one of these great   men, giving your life for your family and community? Do you go to  work earnestly? Do you go to the church on Sundays? Are you a good Christian or Muslim or Jew or   Hindu or Buddhist? Are you going regularly to places where you are expected to go?

We are all caught up in what we  are regularly used to doing. We have become experts. An expert is one who does something with great   ease that others can do only after much training and time. 


We don’t have the courage to  stop. We are afraid: what will happ-en to us, if we stop. Going for a holiday and coming back to the  same work is not stopping.


Can you start your life as if  were born yesterday without taking refuge in your past? Without any built up identity?  Can dispose off your identity and restart as a Nobody?