An Article by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji


     Life is not About

  • Studying for exams and scoring high
  • Standing on our 2 feet & working hard to earn money
  • Become a important person by hard work.
  • Producing 2 Children & getting them married to produce 2 more children
  • Serving Humanity & removing others pains
  • Serving the Nation or Parents or Religion
  • Attending moksha from cycle of Birth & Death                      


  Life is About

  • Enjoying the gift of life.
  • Being Happy for no reason in silence without effort.
  • Enjoying being in love with everyone 
  • Enjoying Creating Wealth & comfort for all you meet
  • Enjoying Creating beautiful things
  • Enjoying the beauty of the planet & the universe
  • Seeing & exploring the planet & people


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