Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.

Only those who have realized that life is only a play and that life has no    greater purpose than that, can be truly happy.

We all created a play and we start playing by the rules. The purpose was just to play and make up some funny  rules to play by.

Subsequently we forget the pur-pose and make rules all-important.

Now the game is to follow the    rules seriously. We start believing that following rules will some how bring  all happiness.

We forget that we authored the rules in the first place. To  make our rules important, we say that these rules were given by the Lord Him-self in the form of a Gita or Koran    or Bible.

Then the quarrel starts as to    whose rules are divine. Then the religion-dictated rules bring on the  greatest misery in the world with holy wars and Jihads.

Don’t  make rules  holy.

Make playing as the spirit and not who is correctly following  the rules as holy.

The play within the play is when a person breaks the rules without   the other realizing it.

Krishna broke the rules, Rama  broke the rules.

We mortals break rules all the time and pretend that we have not     done so. We become drama players rather than be players in life.