I was in Bangalore Maralwadi Ashram. I had a flight to catch back to Mumbai at 7:30 in the evening. Maralwadi to the airport is a long distance. I had planned to reach at 6 pm and accordingly I planned to leave at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon.

I was just about to leave and Guruji called me … wanting to give me some directions. My mind wasn’t focused on what he was saying but was more on catching my flight back.

Every now and then I was looking at my watch. ‘Why are you tense?’ he asked me. ‘I have to catch the flight and as it takes a long time to reach I should leave now.’ I said. ‘Don’t worry Babu’ he replied ‘I am also going back to Bangalore. I will drop you.’ So 2 pm became 2:30, 2:30 became 3, and3 became 3:30.

My tension was mounting ‘Guruji, I have to reach the airport by 6pm’, ‘Don’t worry baba when I am there. I will take you through the shortest route. These drivers, they don’t know the way and they will take you through the long route. I will take you through the shortest route.’ And then we finally left around 4pm from Maralwadi. I had to reach at 6 pm as the flight was at 7:30pm.

Guruji took me along with Raviji. He took me through the shortest route he knew. Instead of reaching at 6 pm we reached at 7 pm. I missed the flight of course. And my face fell, feeling terrible, low in energy. All along Guruji went on laughing and laughing and laughing. He and Raviji both laughed.

For them it was the funniest thing that had happened in the world. And while I felt miserable about missing the flight, they were laughing and laughing, tears rolling down their eyes as if it was funniest thing in the world. I was wondering what was so funny about missing a flight!

Later I realized everything is like this only. Guruji would see everything as a joke. And he would joke on almost everything. But he was so sensitive and caring at the same

time. He said ‘Don’t worry we will purchase a new ticket for you. He asked me if I had 4000 Rupees. I said no. Raviji also did not have.

‘Don’t worry I have a friend staying close to the airport, a meditator friend.’

He made a call to one of the meditators and he asked him to come to the airport with Rs.4000. Within the next 45 minutes we went to purchase the ticket. The laughter was

continuing. I got a ticket for the 9:30pm flight. My worries were put to rest but I learnt a few things.

Guruji was so caring and sensitive. Doing his best for everyone. Just imagine him coming all the way, spending so many hours just to drop me to the airport!

His love and care and concern had no limits. That was Guruji!

Later I learnt how to make a joke of everything and smile through life just like Guruji! There is always a lot of humor even in the sessions I conduct.

Thank you Guruji!