The sole aim of my life is the development of Gujarat. I strongly believe that Sarpanches will play a crucial role in this mission of prosperity. People will definitely remember those who have worked for their welfare. Let us pledge to raise the banner of prominence. Undoubtedly, we will be able to create a new history.

Gujarat Gram Sachivalay

When I took charge of the state administration in October 2001, I declared the ambitious plan of Samras Gram. Seeing the widespread enthusiastic response received by the plan, our government decided to provide additional grants to every village as an incentive. Villages that have already embarked on this journey of harmony are divided into two sections based on their population – five thousands and above – and such incentives are provided. In the first stage, villages where the Gram Panchayat was selected with mutual consensus without elections were given a grant of one lakh rupees if their population was upto five

Thousand and one and a half lakh rupees if their population exceeded five thousand. Due to the encouraging response to this plan, the government decided to increase the grant amount by 25 per cent for such harmonious villages in the next election. To date, 3915 Harmonious Gram Panchayats have got a total of ` 2306.40 crores as development incentive. In the April 2007 elections for 1642 Gram Panchayats, 545 harmonious ones will get such incentive amounts. More than three thousand harmonious villages are currently working towards progress with the help of these incentives.

 Samras Gaon

  1. Until today, a total of 7,86,934 houses have been allotted.
  2. By 2001, a grant of 6,884.94 lakh rupees was disbursed.
  3. Until today, 8,044 Samras gram panchayats, 40 Mahila samras gram panchayats have come into being, and a total of 2,55,598 gram sabhas have been held.
  4. Under the Swarna Jayanti Swarojgar Yojna, 44 crores rupees have been disbursed individually.
  5. For self-employment of 3,100 people, an aid of 30 crores rupees and an allotment of 57 crores rupees have been released.
  6. Under self-employment scheme, a total of 1,30,741 women students have been given self-employment.
  7. An amount of ` 107 crores has been spent under the watershed scheme towards conservation of soil, storage of rainwater and recharge of water resources.
  8. During the period 2001-02 to 2010-11, an amount of ` 2,36,515.83 lakh rupees have been spent under the Indira Avas Yojna.