Excerpts from the book ‘Ignited Minds‘ Written By A.P.J. Abdul Kalamji

For the society to prosper there are two important needs. They are: prosperity through wealth generation and cherishing the value system of the people. The combination of the two will make the Nation truly strong and prosperous. 

I always tell the young to dream. This message comes from the understanding that each one of us has within ourselves the ability to create the circumstances for success–to attract, so to say, to ourselves what we desire. When as a child Einstein first saw a compass he was fascinated by the way the needle moved whenever he changed direction. Watching the needle became an obsession with him as he tried to understand the invisible force that moved the compass needle. Where was the force located? Who controlled it? Why did it always work? What was it made of? Were there places where it didn’t operate? It is of course the magnetic energy of the earth that keeps pulling the compass needle, a tiny magnet, along the north—south axis of the earth’s magnetic field. But is that all there is to it? 

We can easily see the magnetic field at work, but cannot detect it with our senses, even though it is everywhere on our planet. Logically then, it is in us also. 

Similarly, our planet is in a perpetual state of motion as it goes spinning through space. Everything on the planet is a part of this movement, even though it appears to us that we are motionless. I am on the planet and thus part of the energy that moves it. The energy that is the very essence of the planet is in me. 


Dyer argues that we can use this universal energy to bring to us the objects of our desire, because what we desire is also in us and vice versa. It becomes a matter of alignment and will that allows us to tap into this force. 

With thoughts like these on the points where science and spiritualism converge, I carved out opportunities to visit a few unique places in a year’s time. Most of these places were new to me and offered me the chance to learn more about certain things I had always been interested in but could not explore–such as the world of saints and seers. I saw a diverse range of activities being carried out in the spiritual centres I visited. At one, it was the value-based education being provided that impressed me. At another place, an attempt was being made to integrate ancient science with modern and Sanskrit documents were being studied to gauge the progress made in earlier times. I saw how a Sufi saint could become a magnet for people of different faiths. I had an extended discussion on the fusion of science and spirituality with a guru. I saw how a punya atma can go beyond providing religious strength to setting up hospitals and universities, as also a scheme for supply of water. There was one place which seeks to alleviate the distress of patients who are suffering from terminal cancer. Another centre was exploring the link between medical science and meditation.