A manager is called a manager, when he simply manages something, some projects. A big manager is called manager when he manages many events, many projects. A super manager is called manager when he manages many more things at one time, in other words it is called multi-tasking. But, leadership is a totally different phenomenon.

Leadership is one, which comes from giving, which comes from concern, which comes from compassion and empathy.

A leader is one who sees this whole organization as a family, sees all his employees not as employees but as his children.

In our program, Professional Insights, we don’t call the boss as boss, we refer to him as a parent, we don’t call the employees as employees, we call them children.

The very fact that the word has changed from boss to parent, from employee to child, it has become a parent child relationship.

Once, as the word suggests, the relationship of a parent and child is established, that itself has tremendous qualities of leadership. The parent sees all his people working for him as children and this is what is known as the Guru-Shishya Parampara.

In the 1800s, Madras had 1,25,000 universities – based on all industries were universities. Our program, PI – Professional Insights, aims to convert all industries into universities, where each individual is treated like a child and has the potential of unlimited growth.

Even if he wants to grow as an entrepreneur, he can break out of the organization and become an entrepreneur attached to the original mother concern, just the way Narayan Murthy calls it Interpreneurship.

That means when one wants to expand, you expand and yet remain connected with the original motherboard. This is called leadership. This is what Professional Insights stands for.

The purpose of Professional Insights, is to create an economy of abundance and this will happen very fast by creating more and more entrepreneurs who are very rich outside and inside, who share their wealth with everyone around, who convert their industries to universities, who bring back the Guru-Shishya Parampara (tradition of Master – disciple relationship) in the area of management.

Leadership in management, is the art of getting into the heart of the person and make him do whatever you want him to do, of his own accord. This is true leadership.

* Leadership qualities happen effortlessly, when one is fulfilled within.

* Fulfillment within comes from silence within.

* Silence within comes from a state of stithpragnya.

* Stithpragnya comes from a person whose focus is on inner growth, rather than outer growth.

How does one focus on inward growth? The starting point is the Siddha Samadhi Yoga – one can go deeper and deeper and feel more and more fulfilled within. Thereby the consequence is, leadership qualities.

So delve into your own Self, go deeper and deeper. Enjoy the bliss of life, enjoy the adventure of life and develop what we call the leadership qualities.