Excerpt from the book ‘Law of Forgiveness’ By Connie Domino.


The Law of Attraction teaches us that;  

  • All that we are experiencing in our lives, we have attracted [both the good and bad] by our thoughts, feelings, prayers, actions, inactions, and soul-level decisions.  
  • We can change our circumstances by changing the way we think [and feel], what we believe, what we say to ourselves [Our self-talk] and the actions we take.  
  • The energy needed to make our dreams come true is already available, and is waiting for our thoughts and beliefs to manifest it into the material world .  
  • Love is the energy, and belief is the vehicle for manifestation. There is nothing in existence stronger than love and belief.  



It became apparent that many people were blocking their dreams and goals from manifesting due to their anger, resentment and lack of forgiveness. I added the Law of Forgiveness to my workshop when I noticed that my divorced participants were not manifesting their goals as quickly as those who were never married, or who had never been divorced. The divorced people were full of anger and resentment. You could even here it in their voices when they spoke.  


It was also apparent that it wasn’t only those who were divorced, but others who were angry with family, friends or coworkers, who were slow to manifest. 


It became clear to me that these people needed to release their anger in order to open themselves to the prosperity that the universe could give them.  Hence I began teaching the Law of Forgiveness. Little did I know that I was unleashing the most powerful strategy for Personal success I had ever witnessed. While I teach a number of strategies to activate the Law of Attraction, I had no idea that the Law of Forgiveness would help people manifest their goals faster and change their lives more profoundly than anything I had ever seen.  


The stories started pouring in about how, time after time, the Law of Forgiveness had profoundly affected my readers and Workshop participants. Not only were they meeting goals and dreams, but their lives were healed in ways they had never imagined. After watching the amazing transformation over and over again, I began to see that the Law of Forgiveness could not only change the lives of individuals, but had the potential to-literally-change the world. It was then that I was moved to write a book solely dedicated to this powerful law.  


‘’…pass an invisible boundary, new universal and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves…[and you will] live with the license of a higher order of beings.’’  


How This Book Is Different from Other Books on Forgiveness  


However, not one book I found taught a simple technique for forgiving that will assist you to make your dreams and goals come true …quickly. None of the books even equated forgiveness with meeting dreams and goals. Yes, forgiveness actually helps you get where you desire to go, and it’s the fast -track way to get there.  


I will teach you how to forgive and, just as important, how to know when you have forgiven.