Excerpt from the book ‘Law of Forgiveness’ By Connie Domino.


  1. Using Forgiveness for Health and Healing My Story of Health and Healing However, I do want to make it clear that most people who write an affirmation about health and healing (including myself), are led to the healers who are right for them. I don’t believe I have to arrive before sharing with others the amazing things I have discovered along the way. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe we ever fully arrive; we’re always in the process of learning, living and growing. 


My Anger Block Removed by Forgiveness. So, if you have forgiven everyone you can think of and still haven’t met your goal, die deeper. Are there people you have forgotten, or organizations, businesses, or governments, you still need to forgive? I am living proof that when you forgive completely, manifestations come rushing in. 


Forgiving Your Body:  The Historic Case of Myrtle Fillmore In 1886, Myrtle Fillmore, the cofounder of the Unity movement and Silent Unity, an international prayer ministry, was dying of tuberculosis caused by bacteria in a day and age where there was no antibiotic cure. 


Unlike many young women of her day, Myrtle had delayed marriage and had experienced a successful career as a teacher and founder of her own private school. She had had tuberculosis since she was young, but at the age of fortythree, with two small boys (ages four and two), she found out that she was dying.


Her doctors told her they had done all they could to help her. Myrtle turned to her faith to seek healing. She had been a member of the Methodist church for most of her life, and when faced with certain death knocking at her door, she added positive affirmative prayer and healing metaphysics to her belief system. 


She closed herself in her room for days, weeks and months, she studied the words of Jesus, concentrating on those that concerned healing. She especially liked the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”


I went to all the life centers in my body and spoke words of Truth to them words of strength and power.


I asked their forgiveness for the foolish, ignorant course that I had pursued in the past, when I had condemned them and called them weak, inefficient and diseased. I did not become discouraged at their being slow to wake up, but kept right on, both silently and aloud, declaring the words of Truth until the organs responded… Then, I asked the Father to forgive me for taking His life into my organism and there using it so meanly.


I promised Him that I would never, never again retard the free flow of life through my mind and my body by any false word or thoughts; that I would always bless it and encourage it with true thoughts and words in its wise work of building up my body temple; that I would use all diligence and wisdom in telling it just what I wanted it to do…. I did not let any worried or anxious thought into my mind, and I stopped speaking gossipy, frivolous, petulant, angry words. 


Myrtle lived to the ripe old age of 86, and spent the rest of her life developing an international ministry, teaching people how to pray in a positive, affirmative and healing manner. 


Forgiving Yourself: Sharyn’s Miracle Healing But, as we all known, it’s sometimes difficult to remember to use the principles during stressful times. Instead of remembering the fact that not everything can be controlled.


  1. Mad at the World:

Using Forgiveness to Reach a Higher Consciousness and Live Your Best Life Justice and the Forgiveness Technique One of the most fascinating things I have learned about activating the Law of Forgiveness is that moving energy using forgiveness can expedite the Law of Justice and Order.


When you release the energy, whatever justice that is supposed to happen, moves into place. My guess is we will finally come to understand that resorting to violence and/ or revenge to obtain justice is both counter productive and completely unnecessary.


If an individual forgiving their aggressor can clear the way for the wheels of justice to move, just imagine what would happen if the entire country or the entire world forgives.