Excerpt from the book ‘Law of Forgiveness’ By Connie Domino.



  • My Personal Journey in Understanding Forgiveness. A New Lesson about the Power of Forgiveness. The First observation was that in America, we offer the best emergency or “rescue” medicine in the world.




  • The Second observation was that Western medicine does not work well for preventing chronic illness. For Example, avoiding tobacco products and preventing obesity are two health goals that would make a huge impact in preventing certain chronic illnesses. While Americans are some of the most prosperous people in the world, we have a large population of what I call the “Worried well.” These are people who enjoy basic physical health, but they’re experiencing a constant level of unhappiness, stress and frustration. The workshop teaches us that we attract situations into our lives by our feelings, thoughts, prayers, actions, inactions and soul level decision. In other words, we play a very large role in creating our own reality. I also taught participants to examine their self-talk, and to recognize how it had evolved from childhood. After meditation do process of forgiving others and yourself too! Manifesting your Visions through Forgiveness I also found that almost all of the goal – setting books ever written would instruct readers to set their goals, but would never ask readers how they “felt” about the goals they set. I discovered that a person’s underlying thoughts and feeling about the goals they set, or the vehicle through which they were choosing to meet their goals (If those feeling were negative) could act as “energy blocks” or “Psychological blocks” to keep the goal from manifesting. I found that people didn’t always recognize their underlying feelings and thoughts about a desired goal. I soon discovered a quick way to assist people in recognizing these underlying feelings and thoughts was to assist them with examining their self-talk and how it evolved from childhood. I taught them that lack of forgiveness can be one of the largest blocks or barriers.



As previously mentioned, I noticed that some people (especially the participants who had experienced divorce) were emotionally blocking their goals from manifesting, because of their anger and lack of forgiveness. It suddenly occurred to me that the process of personal forgiveness had a significant role, even in workshop on goal setting. The Law of Forgiveness actually activates the Law of Attraction. The Law of Forgiveness is not the Law of Attraction; in fact, in many ways, I have found it to be a much more powerful law. I know the universe we live in has no limits, and so many people are going to be helped by what you do.


Keep in mind that not one of these people contacted the person (s) they were forgiving. They said their affirmation in the privacy of their own home. First and foremost, many people have many wrong ideas about forgiveness. They think to forgive means condoning the wrong done against them. They believe they have to contact the people who hurt them and get them involved. They think that forgiveness is something you do for the other people, that it’s a selfless act. While all this sound noble, it’s simply not true. First, forgiveness doesn’t negate bad behavior. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you agree with or accept how you were treated. 


Forgiveness is not to be confused with pardon. People should still be held responsible for their behavior whether it is immoral, unethical, illegal or all three one of the most amazing discoveries I found in working with the forgiveness technique is that it actually allows for whatever justice is supposed to happen to move into place. Forgiveness Breaks a Bond of Negativity. Lack of forgiveness keeps you literally “glued” in an energetic sense to the last person in the world you want to be harnessed to.


Upon Forgiveness, Energy Is Immediately Released to Bring You Goodness. When you invoke the Law of Forgiveness, the energy that has bonded you to another in a negative, stagnant way is immediately released. That energy is now free to flow into your life in a positive manner, brining what you desire, and brining the highest goodness to you. 


Breaking Negative Bonds Affect Others as Well. The effect on them is usually positive as well. Their hearts may soften in ways people who describe them can’t believe. They may feel the sudden need to call, email or apologize to you seemingly out of nowhere. 


Contacting the Person You Are Forgiving. It is not necessary to contact the other person or persons for the forgiveness to work. Some people choose to contact the person, and that is fine, too. 


You Do Not Have to Reconcile the Relationship in Order to Forgive. You may or may not choose to reconcile the relationship. Forgiveness will work whether or not you choose to mend the relationship. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting. You don’t need to forget what happened to you you only need to release its hold on your life.


Repeat the Affirmation as Many Times as You Need. Most people want to know if saying the affirmation once is enough. Well, if you never see the person, it may be. However, if you are in frequent contact, they are likely to make you mad or hurt your feelings again at some point. So feel free to invoke the Law of Forgiveness as many times as you need, even everyday. Even if you’re angry, resentful or are still experiencing the grieving process, I encourage you to continue saying the forgiveness affirmation.  


Forgiveness Is Freeing. When you have sincerely invoked the Law of Forgiveness, you are releasing so much powerful energy, you can imagine a heavy burden is being removed from your shoulders. Now you feel lighter and freer than you have in a while. Enjoy the lightness, the vibrancy and the freedom this process brings. Self-Forgiveness The remarkable thing is that we really love our neighbor as ourselves; we do unto others as we do unto ourselves. We hate others when we hate ourselves. We are tolerant of others when we forgive ourselves. It is not love of self but hatred of self which is at the root of the troubles that afflict our world. Many people feel angry or guilty for mistakes they may have made years ago. They let yesterday prevent them from enjoying today, and they allow it to determine their tomorrow. They may even find it easier to forgive others as opposed to forgiving themselves.