Condensed From Talks by – Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.


On the 10th of September 2004, Poojya Gurji addressed meditators of SSY at Shanmukhananda Auditorium, in Mumbai, at the Hasya Kavi Sammelan.


“Today we have assembled to celebrate, ‘Child like Laughter’. Initially, all our programmes were meant for very serious philosophical people.


Gradually, with the introduction of Samadhi, the most serious things were no longer serious.

To most the words Samadhi or Moksha were far-off concepts. People thought them to be unattainable. Now, people who have been taught Samadhi understand the difference between,

‘Being bound and Being free, being led by someone and being led by oneself’.


Now the difference between Moksha and bondage is very obvious and clear. So far, it was out of reach for the common man. Now, it has become very approachable and an easy state. But since it is easy, it does not mean that it does not have any value.


See, when something very difficult is made very easy, people begin to laugh. Suddenly, we realise it was so stupid to be serious over something, which is not serious at all.


Most of our culture has now begun to be about making something very wonderful into something very serious. So, it is a matter of reorienting ourselves, going back to our childhood. Most of us cannot even do very simple things, even though they are available all the time.


We can’t go and enjoy the rain, put our foot in the puddle of water; we can’t go around and dance on the road, but if you run or jog on the road people think good work is being done.


So, if you do things very joyfully then people think it is not so sacred.

So we have to make everything very Joyful.


That is what Birbal used to do. He would make the most serious situation look so easy, that everybody started laughing at their predicament of making everything so serious.


We are very fortunate that what we started as a very serious venture has now transcended to the level of Ananda, – Being child like.


All of RSVK is oriented for developing places of Joy. The knowledge, which was once very serious, has become joyful. Now all of you have a chance to participate in your joyousness and silence.


Once the person is very joyful then he does not have to worry about possessing anything. Then he becomes a tremendous giver and automatically a lot of wealth will start happening around him.


All of our Ashrams have been set up only for this purpose, for you to take advantage of the silence prevalent there and your tuning to it naturally opens up:

* The ability to become simple.

* The ability to let go of all seriousness and

* Just be Free and Joyful – the secret of being very successful in life.