Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by Narendra Modiji.

Yes, you read that right

Laugh your way into the exam hall and laugh out of it.

Prepare for exams with a smile, carry the same smile all the way into the exam hall, and out of it. Even if you do not feel like it, Smile.

Smiling fosters relaxation. With greater relaxation comes greater ability to recall.

As a student, I was sometimes in situations where I couldn’t recall an answer during the exam. However, after the exam ended, the answer struck me within minutes. This may have happened to many people.

Later on, I realized this was because I felt relaxed once the exam was over and could remember the answer with ease.

You may not give your best when you’re under stress because your knowledge takes a back seat and pressure drives you. Do you want to be controlled by unnecessary pressure or would you rather control the pressure?

This choice is obvious…
A relaxed mind is the secret to success, not only in an examination hall but in life as well.
Always remember: relax to recall.

Enter the exam hall with a smile, answer with ease and leave with an even bigger smile!

Activity I: Fill and send the ‘Laugh Hard Card’ to your best friend.

Find the tearaway ‘laugh Hard card’ on page 79

Activity II: Fill the ‘chill chart’ with the different ways you relax to focus better in the exam hall.