When Rukmini learnt that Jarasandha was insisting to get her married to Shishupal and that her father had ultimately agreed to the proposal, she felt that they were sacrificing her for their own Self – interest, greed and basic desires. She wrote a love letter to Shri Krishna. Possible, that was the first love letter in the history of the world. Rukmini sent the message to Shri Krishna with a Brahmin messenger named Sudev. The letter beginning with words, and the whole incident is vividly described in the fifty- second Chapter of the Tenth Part of  Bhagavat. 


Rukmini wrote to Shri Krishna: “It is but natural that any woman would be infatuated after hearing of your greatness, your wonderful courage, your divine faith and your brilliant personality I too have fallen in Love with you. That is why I have gathered courage to write this letter to you. Here, my elders are trying to marry me to Shishupal who has no better culture than that of an animal. To attain their own selfish desires they are sacrificing me. I want to get married to a man before whom I can bow my head with respect me is you. The easiest way for me in this situation is to run away from my father’s house and come to you. But this would not befit a brave man like you. It is desirable that you should come, kill the evil- minded and take me away in the presence of every one. There is a tradition in our family that before marriage the girl visits the temple of Parvati (Girija). I will go to that temple to bow at the feet of goddess. It is my desire that you should take me away from the temple in the presence of cowards gathered there.” 




Message :- 

1st ever Love letter. 


The complexity of Krishna.