Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


The aim of learning is to gain knowledge. When knowledge is pursued, marks will automatically follow (as a by-product)

When you visit a doctor, do you ask for his or her college mark sheet? No, you trust the doctor’s skills to cure you. When you go to a lawyer, you do not want to see the LLB marks of that lawyer, you rely on his or her ability to understand the case and argue it well.


Similarly, it is the knowledge and skills you acquire that will matter.


The journey of acquiring knowledge is itself a rewarding experience. It leads you to joy and does not burden you with pressure.


Focusing simply on marks not only builds undue pressure but also limits what you absorb. You will acquire selective knowledge. In case a question is asked outside what you’ve prepared, you might fumble.


Moreover, partial knowledge is more harmful in life than scoring low marks.


If you study to gain knowledge, no question will seem tough.


Enjoy learning for what it is, and not with any limitations.


Activity : These three personalities are known for their pursuit of knowledge. Indentify them based on the clues below.


Personality  1

* He overcame multiple odds right from a very young age and pursued knowledge. He went on to study in world-renowned institutions.

* His personal library is said to have contained over 50,000 books.

* He was independent India’s first Law Minister and the architect of our constitution.


Personality 2

*Right from his childhood, he was always immersed in solving mathematical problems that were advanced for his age.

*In 1913, G.H. hardy receive a letter containing stunningly complex mathematical theorems and formulations from this person. 

*In 1918, he was elected a fellow of the Royal society. At the age of thirty-one, he was one of the youngest to achieve  this.


Personality 3

*In 1920, he took the Indian civil service exams in London and stood fourth. However, he rejected the lucrative job and returned to India.

*In 1930, he was elected Mayor of Calcutta.

*He famously said, ‘Give me blood, and I shall give you freedom.’