KARMA – “Discipline Is a Must”


From the book ‘Living with the Himalayan Masters’ By  Swami Rama.


My master gave these instructions: 


  • See the ultimate Reality as all-pervasive throughout the universe. 
  • Do not be attached to the pleasures received from the objects of the world. Treat them as means for spiritual progress. 
  • Do not covet anyone’s property, woman or wealth. 



I was sixteen years of age then, and had tremendous energy. I was very active and would constantly annoy him. But he often said, “This is my Karma and not your fault, my boy. I am reaping the fruits of my own deeds.”  


Spiritual practice needs constant vigilance. Discipline should not be rigidly imposed, but students should learn to commit themselves and accept the discipline as essential for self growth. Imposing rigidity and following it doesn’t seem to be helpful; through this approach one might know what to do and what not to do, but can never know how to be.