Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by Narendra Modiji


Another name for time management is self-discipline. Proper time management is an effective tool for performing well in the exams,


Each day has a ‘clock time’ of twenty-four hours but ‘effective time’ varies from person to person and determines what one can achieve.


Every individual is blessed with unique abilities. These abilities are best channelled through quality time management. So, time management is nothing but ability management. It is the means to harness one’s innate abilities towards enriching one’s own life.


Students can chart a plan of action for their exam preparation and decide how best to utilize twenty-four hours.


Once that plan of action is prepared, follow it diligently. When a particular time is allotted for something, devote your mind and body solely to it. Initially, it may seem difficult to do so but, through persistence, following the timetable will become an integral part of your routine.


With an effective and organized schedule, you can take one thing at a time instead of thinking about everything all the time. And any possible pressure is divided. Pressure, when concentrated and accumulated, becomes tough to handle. Thus, proper time management is also proper pressure management. Looking preoccupied all the time will not help.


Remember, while planning your preparation, flexibility is essential. Plan for the important tasks nut always keep some scope for dynamic change that may arise as you go along.


Exam time is not the right time to experiment and make attempts to change your habits drastically.


Have faith in your own method and style.

Activity: Here is a sample timetable of one of the exam warrior