It is your Attitude towards life which makes you experience life as Heaven or Hell. There is a 90, 10 Principle, which says you cannot have a say in 10% of what happens to you in your life but you can definitely have a say in 90% of what happens to you in your life. What it means is we do not have a say in unforeseen things like accidents, natural calamities, bomb blasts etc. Things happen and we may be a victim of a situation but we definitely have a say in how we respond or react to the situation.

Most people in the world are in a reaction mode all the time. What we are suggesting is go into a responding mode rather than reacting. We can see a glass as half full of water or half empty, it is our attitude. Most people at all times see the glass half empty; complaining about their health, spouse, inner unrest, etc. Let us say someone has diabetes or a heart problem or Blood Pressure or any physical pain.

Most people complain “Why me, why this, why God? Why me, why not someone else? And all the time they are passing the buck outside for their state of unrest. Instead if they can see it as, God has given me this for some particular reason and try to discover the reason for the same.

YOU CAN SAY…. Because I have the pain in my head I realize I have a head, you can see and value that part of the body and heal it also with tremendous love and care but most of the time we only complain about it.

For example when your spouse shouts at you, nags you, you can either keep complaining or take it as an opportunity to be firm in doing Sadhana and evolve in consciousness. Hence you use the same situation to grow rather than – react.

If someone cheats you or ditches you, you can curse the hell out of that person. In this way you are only adding poison to your own system. Instead we can again see it as “It was never mine so you took it away and relieved me of the PAIN of taking care of that particular object or thing…. its all our Attitude, ….Attitude towards life.

I remember a story about Buddha I once read. One of his disciples Purna Kashyap, went to Buddha and said, “I want to go and spread your message in a remote village called Sukha in Bihar.”

Buddha replied, “You can go anywhere but do not go to this place as people there are very rude and violent.” Purna Kashyap insisted, “Please allow me to go there.” Buddha replied, “Alright, provided you answer me a few questions”.

Buddha questioned. “Suppose you go there and people shout at you how would you feel?” Purankashyap replied, “I will feel very nice because they are only shouting, they could have cursed me.” Then Buddha asked. “Suppose they curse you how will you feel?” He replied, “Still I will feel very nice because they could have beaten me but they only cursed me.” Buddha asked again, “If they beat you how will you feel?”

“I will still feel happy as they could have killed me but they only beat me”. Lastly Buddha asked. “If they kill you how will you feel?” He replied, “If they kill me I will still be thankful that they have freed me from this Karmic world and I must have made so many mistakes which they relieved me of doing in future.”

Buddha finally replied and told Purna Kashyap, “Now you can go not only to Sukha Province but anywhere in the world because wherever you go you will experience Heaven. Heaven is wherever you go because the way you look at life it is your Attitude.”

This attitude towards life happens when we go into our own inner happiness. We touch our inner core through Meditation, deeper Silence and Retreats, so Automatic thinking and Awareness increase. This awareness and silence helps us develop a responsive attitude.

I invite all of you to experience Heaven on this earth 24/ 7/ 365 days by coming for the silence camps and retreats once every month.