A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)


Oh, what a beautiful night

I am flying high like a kite

The moon is shining so bright

It has made my heart dance in delight

The cool wind touches my soft body

How god has made such beauty,

I am simply amazed at this

I am in the middle of a vast open space

Both within and without

Both inside and outside

Life is such a beautiful gift

I experience that we are all nomads

coming from I don’t know where?

Just come to enjoy this beauty

Going to I don’t know where! 

Sometimes I wonder, how come I missed all this earlier,

Life is such a great opportunity, a wonder.

I am just amazed with this beauty

Life is nothing but a thunder.

I don’t know what I am writing

But something in me is itching and biting,

Words are coming from nowhere

I guess, you got to be somewhere

These words may not make much sense

But what really matters, is I am overjoyed

My pen is just flowing

I don’t feel like stopping.

I feel poetry is oozing out

It also feels like some sort of madness

O; have I become a poet

or have I gone insane?

Insane, Yes that’s what has happened

Insane with this incredible nature

Insane with this uncountable stars

I don’t know what’s happening but its

lovely to go insane.

O god I am terribly in love with you

I am terribly in love with everyone

I am crazily in love with everything

Alas, I am madly in love with myself